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16 Jan

Over 50s reveal desire to travel


Over 50s reveal desire to travel

Over 50s reveal desire to travel

Beware of getting to a certain age and wishing that you had experienced more of the globe.

That is the message of a press release published by Saga yesterday (January 15th), which found that a sizeable majority of British citizens aged over 50 have regrets about how much of the world they have seen.

According to the research, 75 per cent of over 50s say they wished they had travelled more, while 79 per cent of the same demographic say they still have plenty of places they want to visit before giving up on the dream.

It wasn’t all depressing news, however, with the firm adding that one third of over 50s have put together a travel wish list of destinations they’d like to experience.

Indeed, the researchers are even urging more over 50s to consider doing the same thing, as it is not too late to fulfill that dream of visiting an exotic location and sipping cocktails by the beach in blazing sunshine.

Among the countries suggested by Saga, the Caribbean Islands stand as particularly tempting, presenting the perfect opportunity to explore waterfalls and a bird sanctuary before lazing about on the coastline.

The overall message from the company is most definitely a positive one of ‘It’s never too late to hop on a plane and get out to see some of the world’.

Despite this, it is a good idea to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance – no matter how old you are or how prepared, things can always go wrong and you’re an awfully long way from home if they do.

Even so, don’t be afraid to take off and remember that 50 plus is actually a good time to do so, as more often than not, the children are sorting themselves out and there are fewer financial responsibilities.