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25 Mar

New planes to have no windows

New planes to have no windows

New planes to have no windows

Plane developers looking to achieve supersonic speeds have declared war on windows, apparently, with one such company saying the international transportation of the future will do away with them to reduce drag and weight.

According to Spike Aerospace, which claims it is on schedule to launch the first supersonic S-512 business jet in 2018, says that the interior of the cabin will be replaced with an ultra thin display screen.

Cameras positioned on the aircraft’s exterior will allow this to display what is going on outside, the company added, although passengers will also be able to dim the images when they want to sleep, or change them entirely to feature something else.

A concept image released by the firm demonstrated their intentions, showing a long screen arcing from one side of the cabin to the other and displaying a view over the planet below.

“We expect the first customers for the jet will be businesses and their management teams that need to manage global operations more efficiently,” a company statement read.

“They will be able to reach destinations faster, evaluate more opportunities and have a bigger impact on their enterprises.”

Spike Aerospace added that it envisages a world where supersonic travel is available to everyone, allowing the population to explore the planet more quickly for business and personal pleasure.

The company is currently working with a team of engineers, consultants and partners that boast years of experience between them at companies such as Boeing, Gulfstream, Airbus. Eclipse, NASA and JPL, among others.

It is hoped that passengers will one day be able to fly from New York to London in three to four hours, and from Los Angeles to Tokyo in eight hours, representing a dramatic reduction in travel time.

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