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6 Jun

More UK airports offer free Wi-Fi

28 per cent more airports offer free Wi-Fi in some capacity compared to last year

28 per cent more airports offer free Wi-Fi in some capacity compared to last year

As smartphone usage becomes ever more ubiquitous, more UK airports are offering free Wi-Fi to travellers, it has emerged.

According to research carried out by Airport Parking and Hotels (APH), 28 per cent more transport hubs across the country offer free Wi-Fi services since the previous survey, which took place in May last year.

In total, 25 major airports were examined, out of which 22 were found to offer free internet access. The figure stood at just 15 in 2013.

Norwich International, London City, Aberdeen and Birmingham Airports were the best for those who want to be connected 24/7, offering unlimited free access to their Wi-Fi services for all passengers.

Out of the remaining facilities, three were found to offer 60 minutes of free access while nine offer up to 30 minutes of free access.

However, the picture was far from clear for many airports, with Newcastle offering Wi-Fi to travellers for half an hour but only upon the purchase of a product from certain catering outlets in the terminal, such as Starbucks, Condecco Bar, Eagle Bar Diner, Wine and Deli, and Caffe Ritazza.

The research also looked at the cost of Wi-Fi use after the complimentary period has expired, with those airports employing fixed tariff from Arqiva (formerly Spectrum Interactive) found to be the cheapest at £3 per hour and £9 for 24-hours of access.

With smartphones becoming ever more common and more airlines offering specific applications to allow passengers to check and book flights, Wi-Fi is likely to become ever more present throughout the nation’s international transportation hubs.

British Airways is among those companies that has noted a dramatic increase in the number of people who choose to check in and book flights via a handheld device via its new application.