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28 Apr

Money worries don’t put off holidaying Brits

Money worries don't put off holidaying Brits

Money worries don’t put off holidaying Brits

Concerns about the recession have well and truly faded, it would appear, with 91 per cent of Britons confessing they’re planning a holiday abroad in 2014 – a very significant jump from the 83 per cent who said the same thing last year.

However, while such figures may inspire you to pack up your bucket, spade and Speedos, it’s worth noting that the same survey also reveals the amount a British household is prepared to pay has fallen.

Respondents polled by TripAdvisor were asked to shed light on their travel plans for 2014, with the answers indicating some very interesting trends including the death of the hotel mini-bar and the decline of the high street travel agent.

When it comes to holidaying abroad, Brits are hoping to get more bang for their buck with a strong exchange rate against the euro and the US dollar, but average yearly budgets have fallen from £5,381 to £5,016.

Despite this, it’s obvious holidays remain important to Brits, and 90 per cent are planning to make their money go further by having at least one ‘staycation’ this summer.

Value for money is something holidaymakers are increasingly seeking out, with 94 per cent claiming that finding a good deal was their main reason for booking a holiday.

British travellers tended to stay within Europe for their holidays, with the USA proving to be the only exception to this rule. Top destinations on the continent included Spain, France and Italy, although many expressed a wish to visit New Zealand, Australia and the Caribbean if money was no object.

“Exploration is back on the agenda in 2014, with more travellers planning international trips this year,” said Marc Charron, president of TripAdvisor.

“Travellers are upping their budgets but they are looking for bargains, expecting their accommodation of choice to deliver on value,” he added.

Wherever you’re flying off to this year, be sure to book adequate travel insurance to cover all of your needs.