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23 Jun

Monarch to ban reclining seats

Lack of space is one of the most annoying aspects of economy air travel, with passengers having to endure cramped conditions for hours while in flight. So it’s no wonder there are often arguments when a fellow traveller reclines their seat, reducing the already limited space for the person behind.

However, British flier Monarch Airlines has vowed to stop these issues by ripping out reclining seats on its aircraft and replacing them with non-reclining models that will ensure maximum room for all passengers.

Monarch’s marketing boss Tim Williamson made the announcement today (June 23rd), and claimed he expected other companies to follow suit as reclining seats often cause problems for cabin crew when arguments break out.

No more reclining seats on Monarch flights

No more reclining seats on Monarch flights

Instead, he said, aircraft will be fitted with brand new “ergonomic” seats that do not recline and are much lighter, allowing Monarch to save on fuel costs. Engineers reportedly went back to the drawing board a number of times in order to perfect the shape, angle and padding for optimum customer comfort.

“The new non-reclining design gives our customers far more “living space” than traditional seats, without the fear of the person in front impinging on their personal space,” Mr Williamson added.

Surveys conducted with Monarch’s customers suggested the move will be popular, with 90 per cent of people voting to abolish the reclining feature.

Cabin crew are also likely to be pleased, with as many as six in ten having witnessed a dispute over the seats.

The new models will be thinner and feature a slight built-in recline that will allow fliers to have a snooze if they so choose.

In an industry first, the seats will also contain dedicated tablet holders, allowing passengers to watch a film or play with their iPads while in flight without having to keep them on their laps or balance them on trays.