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Cruise Tips
12 Oct

Making your budget go further when on a Cruise

So you are thinking about booking a cruise, but are wondering if the experience will justify the cost. While the initial financial outlay may be greater with this style of holiday, using our great tips on making your budget go further when on a cruise will ensure that it is money well spent.

Before You Go
You can ensure your budget goes further when on a cruise right from the day you book…

1. Book Early
Cruise Lines offer great deals and upgrades for those advance planners amongst us. By booking and paying 12 to 18 months in advance you will unlock excellent fares, fantastic free upgrades and great value add on packages.

2. Book Online
Internet savvy bookers will always be able to get the best deals thanks to their ability to shop around and make the most of online cruise finder tools.  With the right amount of research you can get a feel for what fares are most affordable for your chosen cruise holiday and book the best deal you can find.

3. Have Flexible Travel Dates
Cruise prices will constantly go up and down dependent on interest and booking activity.  If you are flexible with your holiday dates, especially if you are able to avoid school holidays and other peak travel times, you will be able to get a lot more for your money.


During Your Cruise
Once on board you still have plenty of opportunities for making your budget go further…

1. Turn Off Automatic Tipping
Some cruise operators now choose to add a fixed ‘tip’ amount to each on-board purchase that charges your account, which sadly takes away the basic reason we all tip; to thank someone for their level of service.

You are, however, within your rights to ask for this function to be taken off by the on-board customer service team and just tip those who you feel deserve it.

2. Book Your Own Excursions
One of the main reasons people choose a cruise holiday is the excitement of visiting a new place everyday. Tour guides and excursions for these trips can be booked on board, however you may also be able to book these trips independently through a third party such as and

3. Use The Free Wi-Fi When Docked
On-board Wi-Fi is extremely expensive, not to mention painfully slow.  If you want to send an email or share some holiday snaps from the ship then get ready for a high bill and a long wait.

Make the most of the free Wi-Fi in bars, restaurants and public areas when off of the ship and you can avoid these high charges and once again make your cruise budget go further.

If you have any other budget saving cruise tips then feel free to share them with us! To make sure you are covered for your cruise don’t forget to take out your specialist cruise travel insurance today.

By: Alice Langley