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8 Jan

Enjoy High Class Travel at These Luxury Airline Lounges

The Virgin Atlantic JFK ClubhouseWhere to Find the Best Passenger Spa Treatments and Relaxation Rooms

Luxury airline lounges offer passengers an oasis to relax in before or after a flight. Enjoy spa treatments, gourmet food and private rooms.

Air travel can be a hassle. Airports are often overcrowded with queues for everything from the security checks to the salad bar. There can be problems with flight delays or even worse cancellations. Unfortunately it’s not always possible to find vacant seats for everyone within your group in either the departure lounge or at the gate and sometimes it’s necessary to sit on the floor.

However, those who have access to a luxury airline lounge will enjoy an entirely different experience. Depending on the quality of the lounge, it’s possible for passengers to indulge in anything from complimentary drinks and excellent customer service to in-spa treatments and a private room whilst they wait. Never has a layover been so much fun!

Here are some of the best luxury airline lounges in the world.

Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge in Istanbul

This 3000 metre squared lounge can hold up to 2,000 passengers per day, who can be spoiled with private relaxation rooms, showers with special toiletry kits, enormous TV screens, state of the art music systems and WLAN Internet.

Those travelling with families are still welcome to join the lounge as it offers a play room for small children and a private infant room for babies, which eliminates the worry that you’ll be disturbing fellow passengers.

There is a marvellous selection of mezze style food along with an olive bar, grilled meats and fruit stations. Passengers will also enjoy music from a live grand piano, a billiards hall and a library to relax in.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at JFK Airport in New York

In the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, pictured above, you will find round, person-sized cavities in the walls of the Clubhouse which are wool-lined and offer a cosy, intimate space for travellers to unwind in. You can even slip into one of their own Clubhouse sleep suits.

If you’d rather catch up on some business on the move, then you can visit the Internet bar, where the concierge team are happy to assist with document printing and device charging. The Clubhouse also offers an in-house spa, a fantastic brasserie-style menu and a chic bar.

Finnair Premium Lounge in Helsinki

This lounge has an incredibly minimalistic feel with a predominantly white décor broken up by some vibrant splashes of colour. A Nordic-styled sauna is available as well as a special Relaxation Zone for travellers who need some downtime. If the children are getting too much, you can just pop them in the Kids Zone whilst you unwind with some gourmet snacks.

Qantas First Lounge In Sydney

This lounge has a strict formal dress code and cricketer Kevin Pietersen was famously turned away for wearing flip-flops. The lounge is home to 8,400 plants and also contains private suites for those looking to escape for a while. Others who would prefer some pampering will be impressed by the level and range of treatments available at the Aurora Spa.

Flyers can expect some top nosh at the Qantas First lounge. Resident chef Neil Perry has been designing menus for Qantas for seventeen years and uses local ingredients in all his dishes.

If you’d like to gain access to a luxury lounge during your next flight, then there are several ways to do so, but you should always take out worldwide travel insurance. Lounge entrance is usually included in the ticket price for first class or even business class passengers. Others can sometimes choose to purchase an annual lounge membership or even a day lounge pass depending on the airline. Book your luxury lounge today to avoid disappointment.