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2 Dec

Luggage Review – The New Adult Trunki

The Trunki Has Grown Up!

If you’ve been to an airport lately you would have seen kids happily wheeling themselves along on their very own suitcase. Well, now adults can be kids too!

The now ubiquitous Trunki has a bigger brother, the Jurni. Aimed primarily at teenagers, the Jurni is sure to be a hit with older adults too as it looks to make the whole travel experience a far more comfortable one.

The Jurni is the brainchild of inventor Rob Law, who shot to fame when he first entered the Dragon’s Den with a Trunki back in 2006 only to be made an offer of £100,000 for a 50 per cent share by former Dragon, Richard Farleigh. Law turned the offer down, which turned out to be a wise move even after Theo Paphitis managed to break the strap off of the Trunki prototype.

Since then, the company that manufactures Trunki, Magmatic, has sold in excess of 2 million units, which shows just how much is being spent on luggage globally. Magmatic also employ over 80 members of staff now, proving that the experts don’t always get things right.

The JurniWhat Makes The Jurni Different?

The obvious distinction between the Trunki and the Jurni is the size. Coming in at 50 x 35 x 20cm, the Jurni is significantly larger than its child-friendly counterpart. The additional space afforded by the increased size does not mean that the suitcase is exceptionally heavy, though. The Jurni tips the scales at a respectable 7.3lbs, meaning that there’s plenty of wiggle room for even the stingiest of airline luggage allowances.

As with the Trunki, the Jurni’s main feature is it’s built in seat. Capable of supporting an adult up to 220lb, the new design from Magmatic is sure to be a staple for travel terminals across the globe over the coming years. Inline wheels, too, make the queue for the departure gate a whole lot more fun as well.

While the wheels have a novelty value whilst seated, it is when the suitcase is being pulled that they really come into their own. The Jurni’s manoeuvrability is exceptional and navigating through tight spaces is a breeze when compared with other, clumsier luggage options.

Easy Access

The seat also doubles up as a quick and easy way to access a convenient compartment that is designed for valuables that the traveller may wish to keep close to hand. The pop-out pod is manufactured out of a sturdy composite material and is big enough to accommodate a small tablet (260 x 135 x 59mm).

The extendable handle works well, too, as do the release buttons that operate the pod and main body opening mechanism. Should these become subject to wear and tear, or if you simply want to customise your Jurni with different colours, each of these parts are easily replaced and fitted.

Inside the case there is a compartmentalising option that allows the user to create either a hidden storage area or a partitioned region for luggage separation. Inside the case lid there are elasticated bungee straps to hold documents or magazines too.


The Jurni is still in the process of being funded via crowdfunding site Indiegogo, so those who want to be amongst the first to get their hands on one should head over there for more details. Presently, a pledge of $99.00 will secure a Jurni and shipping is expected to begin in early 2016.