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Image of boats in port
13 Apr

Life on The Open Water

Sailing along the coast of the south of France, island hopping on a yacht or a catamaran in the Mediterranean, mooring in a picturesque marina sipping champagne on deck, it’s just for millionaires isn’t it? What if I told you that you can have a taste of this lifestyle and have the experience taking a sailing holiday? The accommodation provided on yachts can vary in cost and standard just like with hotels…but having a holiday on a yacht…has a certain ring to it doesn’t it?

Image of port in Puerto Banus, Marbella, Spain

Puerto Banus, Marbella, Spain

There is a whole range of sailing holidays and no sailing experience is necessary to enjoy this kind of dream trip. There is a growing number of operators in the marketplace and huge variety, on top of this starting prices are not astronomical as many may think.

Why not combine learning to sail with a holiday somewhere magical? Learn the skills and earn the qualifications to maybe one day charter your own yacht and enjoy the freedom of sailing anywhere in the world, all at the same time as exploring another country. Trek Adventures ( offer the chance to learn to sail over the course of a week in beautiful Kefalonia, Greece, from £399 per person. Once you have a little more experience you can also move on to flotilla trips. Here you will have your own yacht and sail as part of a flotilla with experienced crew at hand on one of the yachts to help when needed.

U.K. Sailing

There are thousands of miles of awesome coastline to discover around the British Isles, and there are some amazing sailing trips which would be a really special adventure sure to provide stories to tell over and over again. Spot puffins on cliff faces, dine on fresh seafood, and really feel alive as life at sea awakens all the senses. With Classic Sailing ( you can experience life on a 1915 two mast tall ship exploring the spectacular coast of the Isle of Skye for six days.

Adventure Sailing Holidays

Follow in Darwin’s footsteps and sail around the Galapagos Islands, go on guided tours and excursions and see some of the most incredible wildlife on the planet! What about exploring the British Virgin Islands, or even sailing the Amazon or the Ganges? The opportunities are endless for those really seeking adventure and that once in a lifetime experience. Check out G Adventures ( for some of these adventures as well as some more sedate sailing experiences.

Image of boat in bay at Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway

Let the Professionals Take Charge

For a more relaxing sailing experience why not set sail with an experienced captain at the helm, allowing you to sit back and take in the sea air and enjoy the amazing places you can discover, sometimes only accessible by boat. Set sail with Sunsail ( around the Caribbean, The Americas, the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia or the South Pacific.

Remember two thirds of the earth is water, and that’s a lot to miss out on!

Happy Travels!

by Tom at My Travel Mission –