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14 Apr

Least punctual airlines revealed

Least punctual airlines revealed

Least punctual airlines revealed

In the run-up to Easter weekend, the papers have decided not to worry anyone at all by publishing their lists of least punctual airlines – just so you have something else to be concerned about.

Thousands are expected to flee the country over the long weekend, taking advantage of extra time with family and friends. And while it’s important to book travel insurance for every flight, you’ll want to make doubly sure it covers missed connections and all the expense they can cause if you’re with any of the providers listed.

Monarch proved to be something of a repeat culprit, with just 71.1 per cent of its departures leaving within 15 minutes of the advertised departure time – the cut-off point used by the Civil Aviation Authority to mark when a flight is officially delayed.

They also had the longest delays – an average of 18 minutes – but were closely followed by TAP Portugal who were behind by an average of 16.8 minutes.

However, both airlines were beaten when it came to the provider with the least on-schedule flights in 2013 – Emirates, with only 67.9 per cent.

You have less to worry about, apparently, if you’re on board a BMI Regional flight, which managed to land 92.3 per cent of planes in the correct place – always a bonus – by the advertised time. Only 2.2 per cent of its flights were more than an hour late.

This won’t be news to regular fliers with the airline, however, as it has topped this survey for nine years running now – an impressive achievement indeed.

Even if you’re with an airline with a good reputation, however, it’s important to book travel insurance beforehand in case of any mistakes. Missing baggage, missed connections and delayed flights can all throw a spanner in the works of your otherwise perfect holiday.