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11 Dec

Know the rules before you pack

Know the rules before you pack

Know the rules before you pack

Packing for a holiday can be a stressful business, as you attempt to whittle down the items from your wardrobe so that you keep your bags under the weight limit set by your airline.

However, it’s even more stressful having your baggage pulled apart at the security desk at the airport and being told you can’t take one or more of your personal items on board. And not only is it unpleasant having to plead your case with emotionless officials, it’s also costly, as your prohibited goods will ultimately end up in the waste bin, no matter how much you argue.

A recent study estimated that female passengers have £11.5m worth of beauty products alone confiscated at airport security desks every week, with one in four trips resulting in lost cosmetics worth £23 each.

It is therefore vital that you check the rules before you leave the house. Sailing through security with a well-packed piece of hand luggage will save you time, anguish and money.

This is especially relevant in the run-up to Christmas, as Southampton Airport has pointed out this week. It is warning passengers that table decorations such as crackers are not permitted in hand luggage, along with toys such as snow globes, water pistols and cricket bats and foodstuffs including brandy butter, chutneys and pates.

As for any beauty products you’ve bought for loved ones, each passenger is limited to the equivalent of one litre’s worth of liquids sealed securely in a clear plastic bag in containers of no more than 100ml each.

Of course, while consigning such items to the hold saves them from the bins at security, it does subject them to more of a bruising journey as your bags are manhandled by ground crew.

In case something valuable in your bag does break, make sure you’ve got travel insurance that covers personal belongings for more than the value of the items you’re travelling with.