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7 May

Internet inspires female solo travel

Internet inspires female solo travel

Internet inspires female solo travel

More women in the UK are travelling alone than ever before, with the internet reportedly giving them the freedom to go wherever they like, as revealed by a new survey released this month.

According to a study released by, nearly two thirds (64 per cent) of females using the website said they now feel much more confident when travelling alone, while a similar figure claimed that solo travel is more an empowering experience than a daunting one.

The ability to prebook certain services over the internet in advance is supposedly one of the most influencing factors over the trend, as reviews posted on websites allow users to glean an insight into how legitimate an establishment or company is.

“No longer do you arrive at an airport and have to negotiate a barrage of dubious-looking drivers,” explained Gill Charlton, consumer advice expert and a Telegraph Travel writer, when commenting on the research.

“You can find out if there’s the bus or can pre-book a taxi and a hotel for the first night.”

The majority of the 1,000 females polled on the topic of solo travel admitted that they considered the experience to be a beneficial one, with 61 per cent of the sample pool saying they felt more energised and empowered after a trip by themselves as opposed to going with other people.

However, Ms Charlton warned potential solo explorers that there are aspects they need to take into consideration.

“Where I feel least comfortable is walking in the countryside abroad,” she said. “I’ve had a few close shaves with dogs and men.”

Whether you’re travelling alone or with another person or people, make sure you take out a good travel insurance deal that covers all eventualities – no matter what gender you are.