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4 Aug

4,000 Brits a Week Using Travel Insurance for Medical Treatment

Why Getting Covered is Easier & More Vital Than Ever


We’ve probably all skipped on buying travel insurance at some point. Trying to save minimal time or money could cost you a lot more in the long run though.

For many people, the summer means jetting off somewhere hot and sunny for a week or two. We look forward to our holidays all year round; and understandably, we want them to be perfect. Which is why travel insurance is so important. Chances are, nothing will happen to you on your holiday. However, recent figures have shown that a staggering £370 million was paid out in response to 581,000 claims. So while falling ill on holiday is still unlikely, these numbers show that it’s not as uncommon as you may think – which is why insurance is so vital.

What these figures tell us

Before we continue, let’s take a closer look at those numbers. Out of those 581,000 claims, travel insurers were helping over 202,000 travellers who claimed for medical treatment while holidaying abroad. To put that into perspective, that’s around 3,800 people a week. Some of those medical claims were for emergency treatment. Insurers paid their customers around £206 million to cover the cost of those treatments. If we look at that on a weekly level again, that adds up to almost £4 million.

More and more of us are getting insured

These numbers show that more people than ever are claiming for medical treatment abroad. Rather than something going wrong with our holidays or our health, this is a clear indication of one thing – more people are taking out travel insurance. So are why so many more of us making sure that we are covered for our trips?

It’s so easy to do

Insurance has never been easier to purchase. The Internet has made it possible to find a suitable policy in minutes, and many people take out their insurance at the same time they book their holiday online. It’s better value than it’s ever been as well. While those figures released by the government showed that costs of claims have risen from £930 to £1,022, insurance policies haven’t suffered from a massive price hike. The average cost of annual cover is just £32 – far cheaper than  a meal or some of the things we pack in our suitcases!

Everyone is suitable

Insurance is vital if you are travelling with children, or are elderly or chronically ill. A complicated medical history or age isn’t a barrier to taking out cover – just be aware of the policy that you are purchasing. Check that any medical conditions are covered and make sure that you answer questions honestly. Make sure that you’re really familiar with what your policy covers before you buy; or contact us if you are unsure of anything.

Some people are still taking the risk

People are still travelling without appropriate cover though. While things like the European Health Card are invaluable for accessing emergency medical treatment, a full travel insurance plan offers you far more protection. From loss of property to cancellation, far more eventualities are covered with a good insurance policy. That’s on top of your medical cover too. So you can just focus on enjoying your holiday, safe in the knowledge that you will be looked after if anything goes wrong.

You’ll have a lot more fun knowing you’re covered

You now know that it’s easy to purchase, gives you all the protection that you need and is great value for money. So what’s stopping you from purchasing some travel insurance for your next trip? It really does make a difference. After all, holidays are all about creating unforgettable memories. What travel insurance does is ensure that you’re only bringing good ones home with you.


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