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21 Mar

Indulge Your Passion With A Wine Tour This Year

Wine tasting - man pouring wineWine Tasting Holidays

Wine tours are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason! Fine food and even better beverages await those who choose to head to Europe this year.

If you are partial to a drop of the good stuff, then you may well have raised a glass or two on February 27th in order to celebrate the annual event that is Open That Bottle Night. But why stop there? Why not indulge your passion for fine wines by incorporating it into your next holiday? There are now plenty of trips to choose from, and you’re sure to learn something new along the way.

Wine tours are now big tourist attractions across all of the main European wine producing regions, and they can be the perfect getaway for anyone who wants to find out a little more about their tipple of choice. Here we take a look at the top three countries for such getaways and explore the regions that make each of them famous. Let’s get started.


France is as famous for its wine as its food. Whether you choose to work your way round the Vosges mountains to discover the Alsace region or opt for the fizz of Champagne, you’ll not be disappointed by the wine tours available in this beautiful country.

Nowhere has more to offer. The Loire Valley to the west is a lush green paradise, while places such as Burgundy have a more rustic feel thanks to the numerous villages that surround the growing areas.

Then there’s Bordeaux and its grand Châteaux, or maybe you’d prefer to experience the warmth of Cognac and marvel at how the growers produce such marvellous grapes from the dusty, chalky soil? Wherever you go in France, as a wine lover you’ll feel right at home.


Spanish wine has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few decades, and it’s two largest producing regions certainly have a lot to offer those who choose to travel there and learn more about their fabulous vineyards.

First up, is La Rioja. Bordered by Basque country, this part of northern Spain is named after the river Oja that passes through the region along with the larger River Ebro. The climate here is exactly as one would expect, and it is this Mediterranean weather that gives growers the opportunity to produce such spectacular wine.

The other major region is Ribero del Duero. Located just to the south of La Rioja, Ribera del Duero is just ninety minutes from Madrid and the climate here offers perfect conditions for the famous Tempranillo grape to thrive. Sixty million litres of wine are produced here annually, so why not visit to find out more about this amazingly productive region?


Italy is the last country on our list, but what a lot it has to offer the wine tourist. From Piedmont in the northwest to Prosecco in the northeast, Italy has a wonderful wine producing community that is being celebrated now more than ever before. Just slightly further south, in central Italy, is Tuscany. Home to beautiful landscapes and equally exquisite wines – despite the poor quality soil – Tuscany is the ideal place to visit for a relaxing European break.

Whichever region you decide to visit in Italy, you are sure to fall in love with its perfect charm. The combination of fabulous wine, amazing food, and even better company is intoxicating to say the least.

So, grab some European holiday insurance, book your flight and head off to the region of your choice. Every single tour is an incredible experience just waiting to be discovered.