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23 Apr

Ibiza opens most expensive restaurant

Ibiza opens most expensive restaurant

Ibiza opens most expensive restaurant

When you’re eating out on holiday, there’s no doubt you’re willing to shell out a little bit more cash for a better meal, particularly if you’ve got a family or a newly wedded fiancee to impress.

However, Ibiza in Spain has gone that little bit further with a new gastronomic offering that works out at more than £1,235 per person, making it the most expensive place to grab a bite to eat in the entire world.

Forget McDonald’s and Subway – the intriguingly entitled SubliMotion seats just 12 guests at a time and the 20-course ‘gastro-sensory’ meal is accompanied by a plethora of visual effects designed to transform the eating experience.

“What is SubliMotion? It’s hard to explain,” chef Paco Roncero explains in the restaurant’s promotional video. “[It’s] Ibiza, passion, gastronomy. A radically different show you can only experience for yourself.”

Radical is most definitely the word. As guests take their places, the table lights up with a virtual light show that projects everything from pink butterflies and Versailles-style paintings onto the surface.

These extravagant displays are controlled by an operator who changes the lighting and scene accordingly, depending on what stage of the meal the customer is at.

Since Roncero is renowned as one of Spain’s most famous chefs – having trained at the now-closed elBulli and earned two Michelin stars for his restaurant La Terraza del Casino in Madrid – there is likely to be plenty of interest in his latest venture.

Whether we’ll be flogging our cars, houses and valuables in order to afford the bill is another question, however. And remember – don’t sacrifice your travel insurance in return for a good meal. You never know when it might come in useful.