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1 Jul

How to Save on your Summer Holiday

As money continues to be in short supply in many UK homes, it is hardly surprising that so many of us are looking for ways to help save money in every aspect of life. One of the biggest of these is when we head on holiday, with the allure of the cheap holiday leading to us cutting all manner of corners. While we already offer great deals on single trip travel insurance, here are a few methods to help you save on other aspects of your trip.

Carry on more luggage with the Rufus Roo

Rufus Roo

Rufus Roo

While you may have managed to get a fantastic deal on your flight through one of the budget providers, there’s every chance you could be stung for cash if you have to take on extra baggage – especially as these are an extra charge. This is where the Rufus Roo can help in your quest towards saving money, the big pocket travel jacket which allows you store up to 10kg of necessary luggage so you can literally wear it onto the plane. With two big pockets, two bigger pockets and two extra pockets, it means that you can store anything from laptops and iPads, to shoes and handbags in a functional jacket – putting an end to paying more take your luggage on board.

Avoid baggage charges with the Cabin Max Barcelona+

Barcelona+ by Cabin Max

Barcelona+ by Cabin Max

Another potential airport dilemma can arise when looking at the size of your baggage, and as many budget airlines only allow a certain size of bag per person, risking it and taking a slightly larger one could mean that you’ll start your holiday with a hefty fine. Luckily for you, the Barcelona+ bag from Cabin Max is the perfect solution, a bag which has specifically designed to conform with check in regulations; it measures at just 50x40x20, meaning it will breeze through approval for Ryanair, Easyjet and many other providers. Cabin Max also have a number of other bags available.

Don’t buy your accessories in the airport

As with most money-saving guides, taking time to plan is the way forward. This is certainly the case for all those travel accessories that the family cannot live without during their travel; whether it’s a flight pillow, flight socks or even some headphones, these can all cost extortionate amount of money if you have to purchase them at the airport. What many don’t realise is that many of these can be picked up from discount stores for up to eight times cheaper compared to the stores inside the airport – making that pre-holiday shopping trip all the more important.

Turn off your mobile internet to avoid charges

While you may be tempted to use social media outlets to show your friends and family what a great time you’re having on your holiday, your eagerness to get online could have a huge effect on your monthly phone bill. With average charges per megabyte (MB) in Europe standing at 56p, and from £6 to £8 further afield, it’s a no-brainer for those keen on saving money to turn their mobile internet off during your trip, thus ensuring these charges do not occur.

It’s also the case with phonecalls, although this can be done completely free with a strong Wi-Fi connection thanks to services like ViberSkype and Tango.

Get free prints on your photos

Alongside medical travel insurance for the family, a camera is one of the many essentials on any traveller’s packing list. With this in mind, it comes as little surprise that so many people look to print off their favourite images when they get home. While there are many companies who will facilitate this at a cost, why not shop around to see if you can get any free prints through promotions. A good example of this comes from Snapfish, who offer every new customer 20 free prints with their first upload; depending on the amount you want to print, it could be a great method of saving money.

Earn while you fly with Avios

Come on!

Come on!

If you are a frequent flyer, setting up an Avios air miles account will help you earn points towards special benefits. While you can collect them by using your credit card to book flights with British Airways, the points will also start racking up by shopping anywhere from Tesco, Shell and Argos. These points can then be put towards special benefits for your flights, such as upgrades to first class or even a free flight itself!

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