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10 Mar

Hotel survey quizzes women on preferences


Hotel survey quizzes women on preferences

Hotel survey quizzes women on preferences

In honour of International Women’s Day, a recent survey quizzed those travelling in India on what influences their decision when choosing a hotel, coming up with a plethora of data.

The report was published by and Lemon Tree Hostels among an all-female customer base and showed that many participants are demanding an experience tailored just for them, making choices based on women-friendly aspects.

Facilities and services were a top consideration with 41 per cent of people, while location, cost and security came out as other essentials.

Some 34 per cent confessed they’d rather have female hostesses for room service, while other suggestions included a call screening facility (20 per cent), cabs driven by women (19 per cent) and separate floors for women (18 per cent), indicating a desire to feel safe and secure.

Where amenities were concerned, 24 hour room service was considered the most essential, taking 24 per cent of the vote, although free Wi-Fi, spa and gym facilities were named as other aspects that would help them feel special.

The survey also found that women are becoming very tech-savvy and want this reflected in the hotel. More than three quarters (76 per cent) of the survey pool said they read reviews online before making their choice, while 46 per cent say they use the internet to book their rooms.

With women climbing the corporate ladder and becoming more independent, travel is becoming an intrinsic part of their lives,” said Saurabh Srivastava, VP marketing & product strategy,

“Also, only-women travel groups offering interesting holiday destinations and packages are luring women to take up travel,” he added.

Rattan Keswani, deputy managing director at The Lemon Tree Hotel Company, confirmed that the accommodation provider has seen a rise in female bookings, claiming its venues have taken into account the views of women and made appropriate adjustments to the services provided.