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11 Apr

Holidaying with an ex? Not as unusual as it sounds

Holidaying with an ex? Not as unusual as it sounds

Holidaying with an ex? Not as unusual as it sounds

Holidaying with an ex-partner doesn’t exactly sound like fertile grounds for the most emotionally serene of trips abroad. Following the recent split between Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, more than a few eyebrows were raised in the direction of the trip they took to the Bahamas following their “conscious uncoupling”.

Celebs, eh? But it seems like it may not just be the stars who are willing to head abroad with a former flames. In fact, new research suggests that as many as 39 per cent of Brits have holidayed with an ex.

The Daily Mail reports on the findings of a survey by, which indicated that a third have even prolonged a relationship so that they didn’t have to cancel pre-made travel plans. In fact, it seems we’re twice as likely to pretend we’re still in love if we have a holiday booked.

What’s more, it seems that nearly half of women (43 per cent) questioned would use a pre-planned holiday as an opportunity to get back together with a former flame, compared to a similar proportion (35 per cent) of men.

There is much more of a divide in cases where one or the other has moved on though. In fact, while just 16 per cent of men said they would take a break with an ex if they were in a new relationship, nearly twice as many women (29 per cent) would still go on a trip.

Matthew Crummack, president of the website, was quoted commenting: “We have always known that a more spontaneous approach to travel can be good for us, and many studies have shown it is actually good for our wellbeing. Our new survey however, also suggests that when you take a less planned approach to travel it could also save many people from having to holiday with an ex on a pre-planned trip. And the love-struck could benefit from being a little more last-minute in their bookings.”