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Holiday tips for the recently retired

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Travelling overseas is often a major part of many people’s retirement plans. However, there are a few things that retirees should bear in mind next time they travel.

If you have recently retired, or are just about to, travel is probably high on the list of things that you plan to do in order to fill your time. The amount of retirees taking trips abroad is greater than ever, but there are a few considerations that you’ll be well advised to bear in mind before you set off on your next great adventure.

Here we take a look at some handy hints for the recently retired that are looking to travel more now that their working days are firmly behind them.

Make The Most Of Off Peak Times

Without the burden of work and the constant battle to get the dates off that you want, you are free to come and go as you please, and this can mean major savings on your travel expenditure. The benefits of choosing to travel at off-peak times do not end at improving your finances, either. Opting to travel out of season means that you will be able to enjoy some of the world’s most wonderful destinations without the crowds, giving you the opportunity to enjoy things at your own pace.

Always Get Sensible And Substantial Cover Before Travelling

Although budgeting is important when you hit retirement age, there are other things that need to be taken care of as well as your pocket. Your health can be a factor in later years, but that shouldn’t restrict your ability to travel in any way. Cover can now be tailored specifically to your needs, so you can easily pick up some over 65 travel insurance that will save you a whole lot of headaches should you fall ill while you are away.

Have Your Health Information To Hand

On the subject of health, another handy tip is to keep all of your medical information easily accessible whenever you are away from home. This is especially important if you have an existing illness that may require treatment whilst you are abroad. Having the correct information with you will allow the doctors to give you the right care, regardless of which country you may be in.

Sort Out Your Medication Ahead Of Time

Visit your doctor prior to taking any trip and ensure that you have adequate medication to cover the duration of your time away. Keep all meds with you when flying, and never check them into the hold. Luggage can go missing, and the last thing you want to lose is your all-important medication. However, even the most careful of us can lose things, so when visiting your doctor ask them to give you some spare prescriptions that you can take with you in case the worst does happen.

Plan Your Trip Before You Leave

Wherever possible, it’s always advisable to plan as much of your trip while you are still in the UK. Thanks to the Internet, this is now easier than ever before and researching the logistics can help with things such as limiting the amount of walking you’ll need to do in any given day. Seek out local transportation and book excursions at times that will best suit your needs. You may also save a little cash by booking in advance, too.

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