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15 May

The best holiday destinations for the solo traveller

We count down the perfect destinations for solo travellers looking for fun, adventure and some much-needed ‘me’ time.

 Travelling alone can be fun, educational, and enlightening, as your entire experience is completely down to you!

Here, we take a look at seven destinations that offer a wealth of things to do and see for the solo traveller.

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Je Suis à Paris

Romance may be rife throughout the Paris air, but who says it is a city just for couples? Culture can be found at its finest through some of Europe’s leading landmarks. Start at iconic Eiffel Tower, sit back and take in the structures panoramic views of Paris, then head to the Louvre to experience the history of the “City of Light”. Paris is the perfect blend of contemporary city life and classic European living.


The shining light of the Far East

Home of some of the world’s leading historic landmarks, including the Terracotta Warriors and the Great Wall, China is the perfect destination for solo travellers. From touring the historical yet contemporary Shanghai to taking in the sporting legacy of Beijing, China is filled to the brim with leading solo holiday destinations.


The luck of the Irish

Airport to airport, Dublin is located just a little over an hour away and presents a great solo travel destination. A city built off traditional living with modern infusions, Dublin offers up a national museum that rivals anywhere else in Europe in the National Museum of Ireland. A solo trip wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t take in not only the rustic cuisine, but also a pint of Guinness, the city’s most famous tipple.


Charles Darwin’s thinking place

If you are going on uniqueness alone, the Galapagos Islands rank as one of the world’s leading holiday destinations. Showcasing stunning South American weather year around, this destination is perfect for those who want explore the wonders of the deep blue sea, while the colonial architecture of region means that there is plenty of history on display too.


Out of the fire and into ‘El Sartén

 Seville is the jewel in the crown of Southern Spain and is a departure from the bright lights of Spain and Barcelona. Known for its astounding architecture and its age-old (and not so age-old) beauty, Seville is a treat for the eyes. Arguably the highlight of Seville is the San Telmo walk, which will take you from the hills of S’Arraco, through to the summit Puig de Far Vell, and finally down to where the Sierra Tramuntana meets the ocean.


The wild, wild west

From to the Big Apple to the Big Easy, America has plenty of destinations that are perfect for the solo traveller. One place that is ever fun yet often overlooked is the wild west of Arizona. Perfect for any potential cowboys and cowgirls, you can head out on the ranch and cop a view of the beautiful dusty plains before experiencing some authentically wild cooking.


Brighten up the grey city

Known as not only Germany’s capital but also the country’s cultural centre, Berlin is home to plenty of history and heritage. Single travellers will love the atmosphere in what is one of Germany’s finest cities. From the city’s symbol of peace in the Bradenburger Tor to the tranquil nature of the exotic Zoologischer Garten, Berlin has plenty on hand to keep you occupied.


Travel solo and experience it all

The world has changed and there is now a real thrill to be found in travelling solo and experiencing the sights alone. Be the master of your own itinerary, book yourself a flight to one of the aforementioned destinations, arrange single trip travel insurance, and experience the world on your own terms as a solo traveller!


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