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10 May

A Guide To Caravanning in Europe

Baileys Caravan

Bailey of Bristol Caravan

Everything You Need to Know About Hitting the Road

Seeing Europe from a caravan is a world away from a package holiday – and it’s a lot cheaper too!

Speak to any caravanning devotee and they’ll tell you that there’s no better way to holiday. You can start each day at your own pace, set out a schedule for your trip that suits you and reconnect with nature. So it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular ways to enjoy a holiday – and not just in the UK. Caravanning in Europe is a great experience and it’s a great alternative to staying in a hotel. Interested? Yes, we thought you would be! So take a look at our handy guide to find out everything that you need to know.

Banish Bad Memories

For some, the word caravan conjures up memories of childhood holidays in cramped, shabby surroundings while the weather meant that you had no choice but to stay inside. Well, those days are gone. Modern caravans have all the facilities that you need and are just as comfortable as a hotel room. You also have the benefit of travelling across the country without checking in and out of hotels or booking additional flights, saving massive amounts of time. Yes, caravans are compact – but they allow you to stay in some incredible locations. Some starry skies, panoramic coastal views and stunning countryside could be just a few steps away from where you’re sleeping.

Keeping On The Right Side Of The Law

So what do you need to remember when taking a caravan around a European country? Well, you need to ensure that you’re doing so legally before anything else. Make sure you take the correct documentation with you. This will include your UK driving license and any insurance documents. Third party car insurance is usually a legal requirement in European countries – but it’s a good idea to be fully insured with both motor and touring caravan insurance for the best protection. Don’t forget your travel insurance too. You may not need it, but the peace of mind it offers is priceless. Learn the local road rules too – for example, did you know that when driving in France you must have a fire extinguisher, reflective jacket and warning triangle in your vehicle? See the AA’s guide on European requirements. Last but not least – check the speed limit before you put your foot down!

Top Destinations

When deciding where to caravan, think about what kind of trip you want. France is easy to travel to and offers people a wide variety of landscapes to travel across; from sweeping coastlines to lush countryside. If you travel to Switzerland or Austria, you’ll be able to park your caravan in the snowy mountains. A cross-Europe trip is a great option too – you’ll be able to experience a myriad of cultures, scenery and cuisines on your journey.

Cut The Cost, Not The Fun

There’s no doubt that European holidays can be expensive. Hotels, eating out, travelling – it all adds up. That’s why caravanning is such a popular option. It’s also a good choice for the more mature traveller with a lot of travelling and driving experience – although that’s not to say that it doesn’t attract the young too. As long as you’re confident, eager to explore and keen to take the initiative, holidaying in a caravan will make for the trip of a lifetime.

Britain has many caravan manufacturers and one of the best ways to learn more is to visit the annual Motorhome and Caravan Show in October. This is also the best time to buy a caravan, as many people trade in their current ones to get the latest model for next summer.  Pictured above is a Bailey of Bristol caravan, which is one of the most respected brands around. So, where will you decide to hit the road?