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2 Jun

Great Trips for Dad

I am always hearing how difficult it is to treat men particularly dads so I have compiled a few suggestions of experiences and trips for dad’s to treat the father in your life.

See a city from a kayak
If your father is keen on watersports then treat him to a city tour with a difference. Seeing a city from the water gives a whole different perspective. It’s unusual and it’s fun. There are companies offering kayaking tours in London, Bydgoszcz (Poland), Cork, Copenhagen and Venice to name just a few.

Vintage flying
Those magnificent men in their flying machines always made me want to fly in a vintage aircraft. The open cockpit, the roar of the engine and the panoramic view of the countryside are a big draw. You can have a flight in a 1930s Tiger Moth biplane or one of several other classic planes over the countryside around Duxford with Classic Wings.

A round at a championship course is a great gift for dads who play or even just follow golf. Check out the options both in the UK and elsewhere in Europe for golf trips at the Avanti Travel Insurance blog. Alternatively you could splash out for a round at Turnberry and a luxury stay at the Trump Turnberry Resort. Of course, if you play a round with your father you really ought to let him win.

What football mad dad would not appreciate taking in a tour followed by watching a game at one of the great stadiums of Europe. Most football clubs have stadium tours but visiting the home of one of the European “greats” would be something special. So why not take your football mad dad to a match at Nou Camp Stadium, home to Barcelona and a tour of the stadium and museum.

Survival Training
Laser tagging and paint balling are popular but why not go for the real thing and send your dad on a 24 hour survival training course. At the end your dad will have learned life-saving skills and pushed himself beyond his limits, Beware though that not every dad will enjoy a Bear Grylls style experience.

Wildlife Experiences
There is a huge variety of wildlife experiences that would be attractive to a nature-loving dad. An up close and personal experience like those offered by Predator Experience are the best value for money. Check out the Wildlife Experiences post on this blog for some great wildlife ideas.

Masterchef Dads
Cooking is not just reserved for mums; there are a lot of dads who enjoy cooking too. So if your dad is one of them why not organise for him to go on a cookery holiday or a course to learn about certain dishes.

Driving Mad Dad

Driving experiences are perhaps the most common treats around for a dad. Driving in simulators is one thing but nothing beats the real thing. From vintage cars to luxury models; from Off-road driving to experiencing the thrill of a racing car there are experiences available for you to choose the right driving experience for your dad.

Whatever the reason you want to treat your dad there is always something he will enjoy doing and be grateful to you for the chance to do it. If you are setting off on an adventure then don’t forget to organise your travel insurance for you both.