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28 Jan

Goa reports strong visitor numbers


Goa reports strong visitor numbers

Goa reports strong visitor numbers

More tourists than ever are flocking to Goa, with the Indian state reporting a whopping 12 per cent rise in visitors during 2013 – a record high for the tourist destination.

This dramatic increase has largely been put down to an aggressive marketing and PR campaign, with additional participation in domestic and international road shows to improve direct outreach to those who may want to come on holiday to the area.

As such, Goa Tourism reported that they had expected the visitor influx, but are nevertheless delighted with the news.

The Indian state has become a favourite with international and domestic travellers alike, with its splendid beaches and unique culture proving to be an irresistible draw for thousands.

However, Goa Tourism is not resting on its laurels, with plans to build a world-class travel infrastructure already in motion, among them a new airport terminal that is due to come into operation in 2014.

There are also plans for a stringent beach cleaning programme to be implemented over the next six months, with high hopes for the beaches of Goa to be listed among the cleaneast coastlines in south-east Asia.

Shri Dilip Parulekar, minister for tourism, was understandably ecstatic about the figures.

“This is a great way to begin the New Year for us,” she commented. “We are more than thrilled to announce these figures and this only proves that Goa continues to be the destination of choice for people from all across the world.”

However, she added that the figures “serve as a reminder for us to constantly strive and keep the infrastructure and other developments in the state on par with international standards”.

If Goa is your destination of choice in 2014, be sure to book adequate travel insurance before you fly, as it’s a long way from home if things go wrong.