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29 Apr

Global drinking attitudes revealed

Global drinking attitudes revealed

Global drinking attitudes revealed

Considering ordering that second round but not sure if it’s morally acceptable where you’re holidaying? Sit back and relax – new research from the Pew Centre has identified the ten countries where it’s most and least acceptable to drink yourself into a stupor, and the results may prove surprising.

If you were expecting to see the binge-heavy culture of Britain to come out on top, you’ll be shocked to learn that it’s actually Japan where you’ll attract the fewest stares for ordering a second round. As anyone who has walked through the Tokyo district of Shinjuku on a Friday night can attest, this is a party population with a drink-all-you-can attitude.

Respected beer havens the Czech Republic and Germany rounded out the top three for acceptability, as you might expect, with 46 per cent and 41 per cent respectively classing drinking as morally acceptable.

Britain came next with 38 per cent, closely followed by Poland (37 per cent), Australia (36 per cent) and the Phillippines (34 per cent).

The survey also highlighted ten countries where you’ll be judged the most for having a cheeky few, with the results on this list being less surprising than the above.

Pakistan came at the top with just one per cent of respondents claiming they think it’s morally acceptable to drink against 94 per cent who expressed the opposite opinion.

Other countries including the Palestinian Territories, Indonesia, Jordan, Egypt and El Salvador will raise few eyebrows, with most populations on the list holding Islamic beliefs.

But whether you’ll be abstaining in Bolivia or drinking till morning in Tokyo, make sure you’ve prepared adequate travel insurance for your trip.