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4 Dec

Gizmodo reveals their readers’ worst travel stories

Horror travel storiesEvery traveller has encountered a problem at some point during their travels, whether it be lost luggage or delays, and now Gizmodo has compiled a list of the nine worst travel stories that their readers have experienced.

To save you some time we have picked out our top three horror travel stories from the list. Trust us; after reading these real-life stories you will want to make sure you have medical insurance for any travel plans you have in the near future.

Don’t underestimate cold weather

In the Gizmodo article, one of their horror stories tells about a man and his girlfriend who decided to catch the Amtrak train from Washington D.C. to Chicago. During the journey, the train kept stopping and then moving a bit until all passengers were told that the tracks were frozen.

After the toilets broke and food ran out the train eventually arrived around 30 hours later. To make things worse, the couple tried to travel the same journey a couple of years later and the exact same thing happened, except this time the trip only took 25 hours instead of 30.

Don’t deny yourself medical attention if you need it

One unfortunate traveller was visiting family in Denver, but on the day of his flight back to New York the flight was cancelled due to an impending snow storm.

After getting on a rescheduled flight to Chicago the following day, the traveller found out that his connecting flight from Chicago to New York had also been cancelled. The following day the man got in a taxi to go to O’Hare to sit on a waiting list for the next flight back to NYC, however, the taxi he was travelling in crashed after skidding on ice.

After regaining consciousness, the man was freed from the crumpled car and during his concussion-induced fog he signed a paper to decline any medical care. Instead of getting himself checked out at the local hospital the man was forced to return to Chicago after further delays whilst suffering from headaches, poor vision and other symptoms of a head injury.

After a couple more days of flight delays, the man eventually managed to hop on a plane from O’Hare to New York, but the moral of the story is to get checked out after a car accident and to seek medical attention.

Don’t underestimate weather in general!

A couple who were travelling from Seattle to New Zealand via Australia were told just as they were supposed to land in Sydney that a freak sandstorm meant that their plane was diverted to Brisbane.

After a two-hour stop-off, they got on a plane that had not been cleaned to travel back to Sydney, but were forced to wait an hour and a half to land, therefore missing five connecting flights to Australia.

Finally, the couple caught a flight to Christchurch in New Zealand, but were then horrified to learn that their baggage had been lost along with the baggage of around 200 other passengers. The couple’s baggage arrived four days later.

Check out the dust storm video from 2009 here.

These three horror travel stories just show the importance of arranging multi trip travel insurance, which would cover travellers for loss of luggage and/or medical expenses.

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