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12 Feb

Germany anticipates influx of Brits


Germany anticipates influx of Brits

Germany anticipates influx of Brits

More British tourists than ever are going to see the appeal of travelling to Germany for a holiday this year – at least, that’s according to the German National Tourist Board.

The prediction is based on 2013’s 7.3 per cent rise in the number of Brits experiencing the nation’s beautiful cities, learning about its unique history and of course, sampling its world-renowned beer.

Klaus Lohmann, director of the German National Tourist Office for UK and Ireland, cited the country’s extraordinary culture as the primary pull for tourists from the British Isles.

“There will be even more reasons to visit Germany for a holiday in 2014. Along with various high-profile institutions in the UK, we will be celebrating 300 years of UK-German Royal Connections with our Royal Heritage Route,” he said.

“Culture fans are spoilt for choice through our UNESCO campaign, which offers an enormous variety of cultural events and things to do throughout 2014.”

Other reasons Brits might consider Germany for a holiday include the nation’s reputation as an environmentally friendly nation that prides itself on its Green credentials, while the Cultural Revolution of Leipzig will surely provide another incentive to visit.

What’s more, the launch of a new Barrier-Free accessible tourism campaign last year to highlight ease of travel for those with specific needs – such as those with disabilities, sporting injuries or the elderly – will help to tempt a demographic of people who may find it difficult to go on a break.

Those tempted by the beauty of Frankfurt can be sure of a pleasant journey, as the airport has recently set new records for punctuality and reliability.

The German National Tourist Office is hoping to beat the 2006 record number of UK visitors, which stood at 4.5 million and was largely due to the World Cup.