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Fun and Adventure in Finland
19 Aug

Fun and Adventure in Finland

Why Finland is the Perfect Location for an Active Summer Holiday

Forget the snow. Finland is the perfect destination for those who want fun and adventure during the summer holidays.

Most people only think about visiting Finland in the winter for the Northern Lights, Santa’s Village and husky-led sleigh rides. However, Finland is also the perfect destination to visit during the summer. Thanks to the Midnight Sun, Finland doesn’t have an endless summer, but it does have endless summer days. If you enjoy active summer holidays and would like to experience an alternative to a traditional beach holiday, then a trip to Finland is definitely worthwhile.

Here’s a look at some of the activities on offer for those seeking fun and adventure in Finland this summer.

Why Visit In The Summer?

Finland has perfect summer temperatures. Ranging from 20-25 degrees, it’s pleasantly warm without hitting the sweltering 40 degree temperatures of southern Europe. The long, long days never get dark, so you can fit more into your time there.


The pleasant temperatures create the perfect ambient for hiking in the ancient Kainu Forest where you can view the flora, fauna and spectacular carpets of wildflowers and trek alongside the crystal clear water lakes.

Wild Taiga

Pack your cameras and book a fabulous tour of the wild Taiga in north-east Finland. Here you’ll have the opportunity to see spectacular wildlife in their natural environment. Finland is rich with a variety of magnificent beasts that you can see in the summer, including (but certainly not limited to) brown bears, wolves, moose, wild forest reindeer, flying squirrels and beavers.


Another way to see the spectacular wild Taiga is on a canoeing holiday. It’s the perfect way to see the wonders of nature that Finland has to offer while participating in a fun sporting activity. Canoe on the pristine lakes, beaver river and adventurous Jongunjoki River deep in the heart of the wild Taiga before relaxing in front of an open fire listening to wildlife stories and feasting on freshly caught fish and wild berries.

The Beaver River is where beavers actively work on their damns. They usually come out in the evening when you can see them thumping their tails.

The Jongunjoki River offers more of a lively ride down the easy but fun rapids. Groups are small and all take part in cooking and eating together around the fire after a long day’s canoeing. It’s a great way for sharing stories, making new friendships and a wonderful way of experiencing the magnificent wild Taiga.

Wilderness Activity Farm

For a bit of everything, why not try a wilderness activity holiday on a husky farm. You can enjoy swimming in the lakes, canoeing, trekking, fishing and forest walks foraging for berries and wild mushrooms. Then try a husky ‘workout’; trekking with a husky is a fantastic and challenging experience that will certainly put your fitness levels to the test!

You don’t need snow to drive a team of huskies. You’ll have the opportunity to drive a specially adapted cart pulled by a team of huskies for a fun-filled afternoon for all the family.


You can enjoy the forests and hills of eastern Finland on well-maintained tracks that will take you from Kajanni to Vuokatti and on to Kuhmo without the worries of any traffic. Take a dip in the crystal clear lakes along the way, immerse yourself in the spectacular scenery and truly get away from it all.

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