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10 Jun

Frozen impacts upon Norway tourism

Frozen fans definitely "want to build a snowman" in Norway

Frozen fans definitely “want to build a snowman” in Norway

The success of Disney juggernaut Frozen shows no sign of slowing, with fans of the blockbuster travelling in droves to the country that provided the inspiration for many of the film’s spectacular landscapes.

According to Harald Hansen, spokesperson for Visit Norway, tourism has increased dramatically since the picture was released last year, with a 37 per cent rise in hotel bookings over the first quarter of the year among the most notable statistics.

Tour operators are also seeing an extraordinary uptick in demand of around 40 per cent compared to the same period last year, he said, adding that the country’s tourism industry will benefit majorly from the film.

Wilderness Travel spokesperson agreed with Mr Hansen’s statements. “The film seems to be a big part of the popularity,” she told Associated Press. “People just hadn’t seen these remarkable landscapes before.”

Disney is even taking advantage of the Frozen mania by advertising special cruises to specific areas in Norway that were inspired by the hit film.

Frozen fans might be hoping to catch a glimpse of Olaf, Anna and Elsa between the pine trees of Norway, but the fjord regions are proving particularly popular thanks to their incredible Northern Lights displays.

Loosely based on the Danish story The Snow Queen, Frozen has proven immensely popular with audiences across the world, with Elsa’s big belter Let It Go becoming a hit after Broadway legend Idina Menzel sang it live at the Oscars.

The picture has recently become the fifth highest grossing movie in history, with Japanese viewers in particular flocking to see it in both their native tongue and the English version.

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