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Flybe goes bust: what you can do next

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Flybe, one of the UK’s most popular airlines, has gone into administration.

If you have flights booked with Flybe, we understand this can be disappointing. Here, we’ve put together a guide on how you can claim compensation for your flight, and protect yourself with travel insurance.

I already have flights booked with Flybe – can I do anything?

If you already have a flight booked with Flybe, your flight will no longer be going ahead. Recent news has suggested that Flybe are unlikely to refund their customers and no alternative flights will be given by the airline, which can feel disappointing.

This news can feel frustrating, particularly if you have a holiday planned. But there might be other ways you can get compensation.

If you bought your Flybe flights with a credit or debit card, it’s important that you contact your card provider first. They may be able to refund you as you have protection from suppliers failing you.

If you can’t claim with your credit or debit card provider, check your travel insurance policy to see if you’re covered for End Supplier Failure. If your travel insurance covers you for your airline going bust, you may be able to claim for compensation up to your policy limits.

I paid for my flights with a card – can I get my money back?

If you buy anything over £100 on your credit card, section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 means you could get compensation from your credit card provider if something goes wrong – which can be useful when things like this happen!

As long as your flights cost over £100, your credit card company should give you compensation where a company has gone bust.

If you bought your flights on a debit card, you still have protection and may be able to claim through the voluntary scheme known as ‘chargeback.’ This is where your debit card company can try to claim back the money from your airline by reversing the payment when you don’t receive the service you paid for.

As a first port of call, contact your card company to try and claim compensation.

Can my travel insurance cover me for my airline going bust?

We can’t promise that all travel insurance companies will cover you for the collapse of your airline. So it’s important to check your cover protects you.

Have an Avanti Travel Insurance policy? If you have a Classic or Deluxe travel insurance policy, you’ll be protected with our End Supplier Failure cover.

With End Supplier Failure cover, we will pay up to £2,500 per person for your airline going into administration.

To claim on your End Supplier Failure, you would only be covered for your airline going bust if you can’t claim for compensation any other way, like your credit card provider.


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