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5 Mar

Flight cancellations go under the microscope


Flight cancellations go under the microscope

Flight cancellations go under the microscope

A popular travel publication has lifted the lid on flight cancellations and come up with a whole host of reasons as to why your holiday might be one of the unlucky ones to be subjected to a delay.

Time Magazine went behind the scenes at American Airlines (AA) and discovered that staff usually turn to an algorithm to make the decision as to which passengers will fly and which will remain grounded for an indeterminate length of time.

The affectionately nicknamed ‘Cancellator’ is a clever computer programme designed to keep the airline’s schedule as intact as possible while causing minimal disruption to fliers, with aspects such as connecting flights, pilot-specific laws and top-tier frequent customers taken into account.

Generally, efforts are made to undertake the choice before people start their journies to the airport.

According to AA, three broad dimensions come into play when a flight has to be cancelled, with customers, crew and planes all considered by the algorithm. Perhaps surprisingly, the passengers are considered the least important of the three.

“A flight may be fully optimised for customers initially, but it’s going to destroy you the next day because you are going to have crews totally out of position,” an executive for the airline told Time Magazine.

All of which suggests that, if you’re going to be flying anywhere soon, it’s best to have your travel insurance sorted in case you’re one of the unlucky ones to suffer a terrible fate, administered by The Cancellator.

Delayed flights are frustrating enough, but cancellations can involve a huge financial outlay and there’s no guarantee you will get all of your money back.

For this reason, travel insurance is an absolute must.