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17 Dec

Our Favourite Travel Blogs

Man reading a travel blog while enjoying a coffeeYour Essential Pre-Holiday Reading

If you want to read a unique, personal take on travelling the world, then take a look at some of these blogs.

More and more of us are following blogs, immersing ourselves in them to soak up everything from film reviews to make up tips. So it’s only natural that we’ll have a look to see what the blogosphere says about holidays. Whether it’s potential destinations, things to do or great travel deals, the travel blogging community seem to have all of the answers. Here are a few of our favourite travel blogs.

The National Geographic

The National Geographic travel blog is probably the most well-known on our list – thanks to the prestige of the magazine and the great content that the blog delivers. From articles inspired by Twitter interaction with readers to the regular Trip of the Week feature, it’s wide-ranging and engaging. Being part of The National Geographic empire also means that the photography is stunning.

Flamboyant Eats

If you’re as much a foodie as you are a keen traveller, then Flamboyant Eats should provide you with plenty of inspiration. Run by Bren Herrera, a fashion, art and food professional, it’s a mixture of travel stories, recipes and restaurant reviews. From Melbourne to Paris, dishes from all over the world are discussed. These articles are all accompanied by beautiful images that will make your mouth water!

Silver Travel Advisor

Blogging isn’t just for the young. Silver Travel Advisor is a travel blog aimed at mature travellers. After all, age is no barrier to having fun! Featuring reviews, offers and travel tips, it’s a must-read for any older people heading off on a big trip. It picked up a British Travel Award in 2014 too, showing that it’s one of the best online resources out there.

Yahoo Travel

Part of the huge Yahoo Internal business, the Yahoo travel blog provides a mix of insightful information, personal travel stories and celebrity travel news. With articles as wide ranging as the best Star Wars film locations to the most dangerous mountain walks in the world, there really is something for everybody, and well worth reading daily.

The Avanti Travel Blog

Of course, we couldn’t talk about all of these blogs without mentioning our own. The Avanti travel blog covers everything you need to know before jetting off. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to stay, something to do, or even something to read – you’ll find the answer here. So, before you do anything else, settle down with a cup of tea and have a read through some of the articles. You might just learn something new about travelling, or discover where you want to head off to next.

Get inspired

It’s clear that there’s more information about travelling online than ever. What all of these blogs offer us though, is a different look at exploring the world. Whether you’re taking a trip to Europe or are planning to travel far and wide, these blogs are essential reading. Who knows, you may even be inspired enough by your own journey to start your own!