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11 Mar

Our Favourite Holiday Bargains of 2016

Lake Balaton, Transdanubia

Lake Balaton, Transdanubia

Travelling on a Budget

Having a great holiday doesn’t always mean that you have to spend a fortune. Quite the opposite, in fact!

We all love a bargain – and things are no different when it comes to spending money on our holidays. A great trip away doesn’t need to cost the earth, as our picks of the best bargain holidays prove. From India to Ireland, there are some stunning locations that don’t need to cost travellers the earth. So whether you’re heading away for a weekend or a longer trip, you can save money and still have a great time.


Spain is a favourite of tourists all over the world. Look at places like Ojedo, Puente de San Miguel and Cala d’Or for some great deals. Some of them may not be as well-known as cities like Barcelona and Madrid, but they have the same charm and offer the warmest of Spanish welcomes.

One of our favourite Spanish destinations is Alicante. It’s enjoying a bit of a resurgence right now, but doesn’t command as hefty a price as some of its rivals. It’s a bustling town with a great beach, and attracts travellers of all ages. We offer specialist Spanish travel insurance too, which can help keep costs down.


India is renowned for its fantastic value. From eating to travelling, you’ll spend a fraction of what you would back home or in a premium destination such as Dubai. It’s a vast country with plenty on offer for everyone.

Mature travellers will enjoy taking it easy on the beautiful white sands of Kerala – or fulfil a lifelong wish to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra (just remember it’s shut on Fridays!). By shopping at markets, eating from street vendors and travelling by train to get from region to region, you’ll have the trip of a lifetime without breaking the bank.


Hungary has often been overlooked in favour of its neighbours Austria and Croatia – and for no good reason. It’s a real gem of a holiday destination, with cities like Budapest offering just as much as its European rivals for a fraction of the price. You’ll find shops, museums, churches and a great culinary scene here – and it’s in a stunning riverside location.

If you want a more chilled-out trip, then head to Lake Balaton in Transdanubia. It’s the biggest lake in central Europe – and in our opinion, there are few better places to watch the sun set or take a boat trip.


Many people, particularly more mature travellers, don’t want to sit through a long flight. So what better destination could there be than Ireland? As well as being so close to the UK, it offers great value for money as well.

In Dublin, it’s possible to stay in a hostel for around six pounds a night. The city is also filled with free things to do – have a look to see what takes your fancy. Other great places to visit include Galway and the Aran Islands, where you’ll be amazed by the beautiful scenery.

Travel Insurance

To avoid any other unexpected costs while you’re travelling, it’s a good idea to arrange some insurance before you travel. Our worldwide travel insurance is competitively priced. Protection against emergency medical costs? Check. Cancellation cover? Check. Baggage and belongings? Check! Terms and conditions apply.

The World Is Your Oyster

Travelling on a budget doesn’t need to mean sacrificing on a good time. By picking one of the above destinations and being savvy about when you travel and where you stay, you can save huge amounts of money. If you’re the globe-trotting type, this means that you can afford to travel more often too! So where will you be jetting off to in 2016?