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17 Jun

19th June – Father’s Day – What Is Dad’s Perfect Holiday?

Dad on the beach with his daughter

What’s The Ideal Holiday For Father’s Day?

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with a bespoke trip made just for him?

Father’s Day is fast approaching, so we thought a look at some alternatives to the tired gift ideas was in order. How about a trip away for the old man this year? There really is no end of options when you consider a holiday as a gift for Dad this Father’s Day.

Day At The Races

Does your dad like a flutter? Why not book up a trip to one of the world’s famous race courses and enjoy the sport of kings together. From Meydan in Dubai to Happy Valley in Hong Kong, the choices are truly endless for race fans.

Father’s Day Football Feast

Despite the domestic season being over, there are still plenty of opportunities available to you if your dad is a football fanatic. Why not book up a tour of a famous stadium such as the Santiago Bernabéu or the Maracanã? The possibilities are plentiful when your father is a football nut.

Go Golfing

Another favourite fatherly pastime, golf gives you a wealth of choices, too. Whether you decide to stay in the UK and venture up to the home of golf, or decide to go and spend some time on the sun-drenched courses of Spain and Portugal it’s up to you. Wherever you decide to play, can there be a better way to spend Father’s Day than out on the course with your dad? Avanti do offer additional golf cover on our policies.

Share A Glass (Or Two)

Maybe sport doesn’t do it for your dad. If that’s the case, how about a tour of some of the most famous wine regions in the world? Travel round France and take in the majesty of Bordeaux and Champagne, or how about the Italian regions of Tuscany and Trento Alto Adige? These places are sure to delight the connoisseur in your family.

Foodie Fathers Are Well Catered For

Does your dad love his food? Let’s face it, they all do, so why not book up a holiday that makes the most of this essential part of life. Every part of the world has its own delicacies, but some are obviously more palatable than others, so making an educated guess on what your dad would like to sample is down to you. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, finding great restaurants and even food tours is as easy as pie, so there really is no excuse not to give your dad a trip to remember.

Relax Somewhere Warm

Maybe doing nothing whatsoever is more your dad’s style. Booking a beach holiday may well be the perfect way to say Happy Father’s Day if this sounds more appealing to him. Naturally, this option gives you even more choices than the others listed above, so you’ll have to try and wangle out of him whereabout he fancies without giving the game away. Then all that remains is to book it up and grab some single trip travel insurance and you are all set for a Father’s Day to remember.

Whatever you decide to do, being together is the main thing on Father’s Day. So, make a date in the diary and show the old man some love on the 19th of June this year!