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11 Nov

Fancy A Night at ‘The Shining’ Hotel?

The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel, which inspired Stephen King to write The Shining.

Stay On the Fourth Floor As Part Of The Ghost Adventure Package

Visit the hotel in Colorado that inspired Stephen King to write his bestseller ‘The Shining’. If you’re lucky you might even see a ghost in the Billiards Room!

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado was built in 1909 and served as the inspiration for the ‘Overlook Hotel’, which was the terrifying setting in Stephen King’s book ‘The Shining’.

In 1974, King and his family had stayed in the Stanley Hotel for one night, in Room 217. As it was the end of the holiday season, the hotel was completely empty apart from the King family and after a particularly vivid nightmare involving King’s little boy being chased down the corridor of the hotel, Stephen King came up with the idea to write his next horror piece, which became an international bestseller.

Film Locations for ‘The Shining’

Although King’s ‘Overlook Hotel’ was based on The Stanley Hotel in the novel, when Stanley Kubrick adapted the book for his movie of the same name, he had a different vision in mind. Exterior shots of Kubrick’s ‘Overlook Hotel’ were filmed at the Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood in Oregon, whilst the interior set with its famous red elevator doors and elaborate chandeliers came from the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite.

King’s Dislike of Kubrick’s Movie

Stephen King couldn’t bear Kubrick’s interpretation of his book – he has described the character of Wendy Torrance as being portrayed as a ‘screaming dishrag’ and he didn’t feel comfortable with Jack Nicholson’s characterisation of the lead role who appeared in the movie as being crazy from the first scene.

When the opportunity came in the late 1990s to resurrect ‘The Shining’ in the form of a TV mini-series, King chose to use The Stanley Hotel that he’d previously stayed at for the filming of his work.

The Stanley Hotel Today

The Stanley Hotel is located six miles from the Rocky Mountains and one hour from Denver. It enjoys spectacular views of Colorado’s scenery. The hotel has 140 guest rooms and suites to suit every taste – these include classic rooms, historic rooms, deluxe rooms, condos and even haunted rooms.

Paranormal experts consider this hotel to be a site where a high level of supernatural activity can be measured and there have been multiple sightings of the hotel’s deceased founder Freelan Oscar Stanley and his wife Flora. The couple are thought to frequent areas of the hotel such as the Billiards Room, whilst Flora’s Steinway grand piano is often heard playing in the dead of night.

Ghost Adventure Packages

Not for the faint-hearted, guests who choose to book the Ghost Adventure Package can expect a room on the infamous 4th floor, specialist ghost-hunting K2 metre, a glow-in-the-dark ghost toy and a REDRUM mug per person.

Haunted Museum Plans

Plans to fully embrace the haunted nature of this hotel exist in the form of a new horror-themed museum proposal. The museum will be 43,000 square feet and shall incorporate a horror film archive and film production studio honouring past and current horror shows such as ‘The Walking Dead’. Aspiring filmmakers are welcome to hire the classroom and workshop spaces whilst avid horror fans can watch screenings in the 500-seater auditorium.

If you feel drawn to this spooky hotel, then take out some worldwide travel insurance, book a flight to Denver and then head out to Estes Park in Colorado for a supernatural stay. But remember – ghost sightings are not guaranteed!