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1 Dec

Europe’s Best Kept Secrets

Marvāo, Portugal

Marvāo, Portugal

See A Different Side To Europe Next Time You Travel

Although brimming with tourist hotspots, Europe also has some surprisingly untouched gems still waiting to be discovered.

If you are fed up with the usual humdrum holiday destinations offered up by travel sites, you’re in the right place. With just a little digging and research you can find some amazing and exciting locations just waiting to be explored, many of which are no more than a short flight away.

So, without further ado, let’s jump straight in to some of Europe’s best kept secrets:

Folégandros, Greece

Folégandros is a remote island in the Aegean Sea. It is perfect for those who wish to experience the quieter side of life. None of the buildings here are more than two stories high and the only noise you’re likely to encounter is the sound of the waves crashing against the pebbled beaches.

Marvāo, Portugal

Situated in the southeastern edge of Portugal, Marvāo is a wonderful town whose Moorish castle sits atop a hill, dominating the skyline above the whitewashed houses and convents that are uniformly topped with red tile roofs. Pace of life here is slow and tranquil, but the amazing views make for a stunning break from our hectic lifestyles.

Tisvildeleje, Denmark

Tisvildeleje is located on the Kattegat Strait and is little more than a sleepy seaside town. However, the beaches here are amazing and even when the weather is at it’s best there is always plenty of room to be had. An 80-minute train journey from Copenhagen will get you to a part of Denmark that few other than Danes know about.

Hellnar, Iceland

Hellnar is a place of bleak beauty. Populated by only a handful of residents, this part of Iceland is one of the most advanced villages in the country – even if first impressions may leave you thinking otherwise. Environmentalism is at the forefront of everything they do here, so for those who consider sustainability a priority, Hellnar is the holiday destination for you.

Ullastret, Spain

If you have a passion for food but fancy getting off of the beaten track, Ullastret is the perfect place to visit. Locals travel to El Fort, a home away from home style restaurant that serves up delicacies such as organic homemade goat’s cheese and black rice with cuttlefish, which tells you that it’s worth the trouble. The setting is as astonishing as the food with a beautiful terrace lit by lanterns, overlooking the Mediterranean.

Bolgheri, Italy

Located amongst the famous vineyards of southern Tuscany’s Maremma region, Bolgheri is certainly one for the wine aficionados amongst you. Despite being relatively new – the first red wine from here was produced in the 1980s – Bolgheri’s reds are now said to rival that of the Bordeaux region in France.

Chassignolles, France

Once a hip destination for the elite set from Marseilles back in the 1950s, Chassignolles is now a popular retreat for those in the know from all across Europe. Surrounded by dormant volcanoes covered in lush green vegetation, the village also boasts winding streams that many of the locals believe to have healing qualities within their banks.

So, there you have it, seven wonderful European locations that most people would have likely never heard of before, much less visited. So grab your passport, book your flight and travel insurance and head off on your next European adventure now before the rest of the world cottons on.