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6 Jun

EasyJet reveals seat preferences

Seating preferences are one of the most-discussed topics when it comes to flying. After all, you’re going to be restricted to one seat for a duration of several hours, usually, so it’s important to get the right one.

Airline settles the argument of aisle or window once and for all

Airline settles the argument of aisle or window once and for all

EasyJet has just released details of a survey that shows how seating preferences change depending on nationality, age and whether the person has a travel companion, and the results are fascinating reading.

Broadly, the window seat proved to be the most popular option, as the first choice of 59 per cent of participants. Younger passengers were drawn to it, as well as people with a nervous or inquisitive nature, both of whom said they wanted to see what was going on.

The aisle seat followed with 38 per cent of the vote. Those opting for this seat unsurprisingly claimed that they particularly value their space and ability to move around during the flight, with the elderly, business travellers and those keen to disembark first being the most common occupants.

Nationality also played a role, with 80 per cent of Portuguese travellers likely to take the window seat against 66 per cent of participants from France. The aisle seat was most often frequented by Dutch (48 per cent), German (42 per cent) and UK travellers (41 per cent).

“The window versus aisle debate is one of the most frequently overheard conversations while flying,” commented EasyJet’s group commercial director Peter Duffy.

“Since introducing allocated seating in 2012, all EasyJet passengers have been able to select their seat and by combining that data with feedback from thousands of travellers we’ve mapped out the most popular parts of the plane.”

Mr Duffy added that allocated seating had proven an immensely popular aspect for EasyJet customers since it was first made available two years ago.