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20 Jan

Drive Route 66 – The Classic American Road Trip

Route 66Six Must-See Sights On Your American Road Adventure

Make sure you check out these unforgettable experiences on your route along the Mother Road!

The full Route 66 American road trip takes you over 2,400 miles – through some of American’s most captivating landscapes. With so much to take on-board though, and so many opportunities to stop off, you need to make a definitive list of the places you definitely want to experience.

Check out our top ten must-see sights and come away with some great memories and stories from your American road trip adventure.

Lou Mitchell’s, Chicago

This restaurant and bakery is billed as ‘The First Stop on The Mother Road’. Plenty of eager drivers have fuelled up on quality breakfast food at Lou Mitchell’s here before hitting the open road. It’s open from 5.30am during the week and is the perfect place to start your journey.

Interesting Point: It’s also worth noting that Lou Mitchell’s has been frequented by the rich and famous too, including President Obama. And if it’s good enough for him…

Dixie Truckers Home, McClean, Illinois

Get some real inspiration for life on the open road by stopping off at Dixie Truckers Home in McClean, Illinois. There’s a quaint Route 66 museum here and you can refuel (both you and your car) whilst checking out some of America’s biggest trucks.

Interesting Point: In over seventy years, Dixie’s has only shut for one day. And that was due to a fire. Fortunately, Dixie’s made a full recovery. Make sure you’re protected too, by arranging your own worldwide travel insurance.

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas

This is a real sight to be seen. The haunting landscape is home to a huge row of ten upturned Cadillacs, covered in bright graffiti. Tourists are encouraged to use spray cans and add their own art to the car canvases, so don’t be afraid to go all Tony Hart and get your creativity on.

Interesting Point: Any art you do create will almost certainly be spray painted over by the next visitor. Cadillac Ranch has been an evolving installation since its conception in 1974, with cars being sprayed by tourists every few hours.

Wigwam Motel, Holbrook, Arizona

Firstly, these motel rooms are actually tipis, not wigwams. Secondly, this is a great, novelty sleep stop that won’t break the bank. Finding a safe and comfortable place to stay along Route 66 can be a challenge, so make the Wigwam Motel one of your overnight stops, Always make sure you do your research before parting with your cash for overnight stays. Unfortunately, Route 66 can be a dangerous place for tourists. When it comes to insurance, arrange American cover to give yourself the peace of mind that you’re protected.

Interesting Point: This Wigwam Motel was inspired by the creator, Chester E Lewis’, visit to Kentucky in 1938, where he saw his first wigwam village. There are seven in total, but this one is particularly special as it is located near several Native American Reservations.

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch, California

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch is one of the most popular, and quirky stops along your trip. The ‘ranch’ is curated by a white-bearded man, called Elmer Long, who is an attraction in himself! There are over two hundred bottle trees and visitors often recall the wonderful sounds they hear as breeze drifts through the bottles.

Interesting Point: The bottles have been collected by Elmer and his father over  several decades during their travels through the American desert. In 2000, after his father passed away, Elmer decided to build the bottle tree ranch as a tribute to his dad.

Santa Monica Pier

After days (or weeks!) on the road, your final Route 66 destination will be Santa Monica Pier. This is a spectacular sight and only signifies the end of the road as you have reached the sea.

Interesting Point: There used to be a mysterious sign which read Santa Monica – 66 – The End of The Trial. No-one knew where the sign came from (it is speculated it was an old movie prop), but around fifty years ago, just as mysteriously as it appeared, the sign disappeared. Maybe one day it will turn up again!

Enjoy your trip along the so-called Mother Road. It’s certainly a trip of a lifetime, so plan well, organise your insurance in advance and be prepared for an eclectic experience of sights, sounds and tastes!