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22 May

Drinkable suncream hits markets

Few things are more important on holiday than slapping on some sun protection. It’s essential, whether you’re spending a blazingly hot day on the beach or a cloudy afternoon wandering around a new city.

Drinking your suncream could be the next big trend

Drinking your suncream could be the next big trend

But for many of us, making our skin sticky is an unpleasant sensation we could definitely do without, particularly as you have to wait for it to sink in before hitting the beach. So we can understand the market appeal of this new drinkable suncream.

Created by Osmosis Skincare, the idea behind Harmonised H20 UV Protection is that molecules of the product vibrant on the skin and cancel out 97 per cent of UVA and UVB rays deemed harmful to the human body.

Those anxious to try out the new innovation are advised by founder Ben Johnson to take two millilitres of the liquid every four hours in the sun to maintain the full protection.

It certainly sounds easier than covering yourself in the standard suncream and becoming covered with sand after the first five minutes on the beach, but be warned – there is very little in the way of endorsement from skincare experts for this new product.

There are two versions available – tanning and non-tanning – but it might be better to stick with the sticky stuff for now since the product has yet to be tested and endorsed by official dermatologist bodies.

Skincare is one of the most important considerations when travelling overseas. While the short-term effects are unpleasant – a lobster-like visage and an inability to sit comfortably – the long-term risk of cancer is far more nasty.

Holidaymakers are therefore advised to take care when travelling abroad, particularly to countries where the sun is particularly unrelenting, and to ensure they have ample supplies of a high-factor suncream.