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21 Feb

Cuisine important for Brits abroad


Cuisine important for Brits abroad

Cuisine important for Brits abroad

If there’s one thing that British tourists look forward to when they are on holiday, it’s a really good meal.

This is according to momondo, which has this week released the results of an extensive survey designed to find out what activities the public enjoys doing while taking a break from the usual humdrum.

Participants were allowed to tick as many boxes as they liked, with the results showing that ‘eating out of restaurants’ was the most popular thing to do, while 63 per cent said outright that good food is an essential factor in a holiday.

The research also found an appetite for adventure to be prevalent among Brits, with 85 per cent saying they prefer seeing new things when they travel and the same figure keen to try the local cuisine at some point during their break.

Julie Pedersen, Travel Spokesperson at momondo, commented: “The Brits are culinary curious people – both when it comes to travel destinations, and experiences whilst away. This study reflects how food is the focal point for many of us when we travel.”

“Food is a natural part of the sensory experience, so it follows that travellers want to taste different things when in new and exciting places,” she added.

However, the survey revealed another factor that might also explain the reason behind the adventurous appetite on holiday, with many claiming to be uninspired by the UK’s own culture of cuisine.

Only eight per cent of those questioned said their favourite aspect about Britain was the food, and only four per cent admitted they prefer to make their own food while away.

The importance of enjoying the local cuisine was only emphasised by the revelation that citizens of the UK are unwilling to scrimp on restaurant meals, with only 21 per cent claiming they would be keen to cut back in the future.