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9 Oct

Going Cruising? Don’t Forget Your Tablets and Smartphones

Carnival Corporation expands cruise industry’s largest Wi-Fi network

Carnival Triumph

With more people than ever using smartphones and tablets on holiday, Carnival Corporation’s expanded Wi-Fi network is positive news for cruise passengers

As the internet and mobile devices play an even bigger role in our lives, more and more of us want to use our smart phones and tablets whilst on holiday. However, as a cruise ship passenger, it can be difficult to find an internet connection when you’re floating in the middle of the ocean.

So, it’s good news for customers of Carnival Corporation. The cruise ship operator is set on creating the largest Wi-Fi network in the cruise ship industry, and the biggest satellite mobility network in the world.

First of Its Kind

Carnival’s expanded WIFI@Sea network is the first of its kind to combine advanced satellite systems, onboard software, networking equipment, land-based antennas and Wi-Fi from port connections, and the system boasts the broadest high-bandwidth internet coverage in the cruise ship industry.

The network is currently available on 30 of Carnival’s ships across the AIDA Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line and Holland America Line brands, with expansion to the rest of its 100 strong fleet planned throughout the next year.

More Speed and Flexibility

The innovative new technology is expected to change how travellers stay in touch during their cruise, with passengers benefiting from internet speeds that are up to ten times faster than previously.

This added speed and reliability is a real bonus for Carnival passengers who want to use their smartphone or tablet to keep in touch while they’re away, or use mobile technology to enhance their holiday experiences.

For example, many travellers like to stay in contact with family and friends back home during their holiday, and having a reliable internet connection makes this easier, enabling people to send emails or keep in touch via social media. This is also important for crew members who spend an extended time at sea without seeing their families.

Having access to the internet also allows passengers to research their next destination, plan excursions, check the weather forecast, and even book advance tickets to local attractions. And of course, an online connection gives people the opportunity to upload photographs of their adventures or to back them up in an online storage centre.

One particular highlight of holidays is getting the chance to meet new people and make new friends. Being able to connect to the Internet makes it easier to exchange email and social media details, enabling people to keep in touch once they are back on home soil.

And there is another practical use for this network. Given how enormous some cruise ships are these days, an internet connection can be invaluable in helping to locate friends and family members aboard the ship.

We all use the internet in different ways and for different things, and Carnival has recognised this in its new, more flexible pricing structure which allows guests to pay for the type of services they use (social media, web browsing, downloads etc.), rather than the amount of time they spend online. This means that guests are not constrained in terms of the amount of time they can spend on the internet, and are able to select a package that suits their needs.

Unsurprisingly, this improved Wi-Fi network has proved very popular with Carnival customers, with the company seeing an upswing in the number of people connecting to the internet whilst on board. And with a corresponding steady improvement in guest satisfaction ratings, it seems likely that we will see other cruise providers following in Carnival’s footsteps. If you take your tablet cruising, don’t forget to take out some travel insurance and gadget cover with your cruise cover so that your electronic gadgets are covered against loss or damage.

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