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24 Jul

Cost of medical treatment abroad doubles in decade

Medical bills for British travellers who fall ill whilst abroad have almost doubled in the last decade, showing the overwhelming importance of booking your medical travel insurance packagesthrough a reputable provider before setting off.

Cost of medical treatment abroad doubles in decade

Cost of medical treatment abroad doubles in decade

The figures, collated by an expert within the travel insurance field, show that the average bill of medical needs abroad now stands at £900, potentially rising to over £1,000 for travellers over the age of 65 and older. These prices can also rise dramatically should the afflicted require a hospital stay. The average price for a non-medical travel insurance claim is just £400 – under half the cost of medical claims.

The survey also highlighted the most popular countries in which you are likely to make a claim, with Spain, Egypt and Turkey ranking in gold, silver and bronze positions respectively. Fortunately for the accident prone, only Spain ranked in the list of most expensive countries for claims, finishing at number 5. The most expensive was the USA, followed swiftly by Canada, Portugal and Thailand.

Despite these alarming costs, it’s though that more than six million Brits (24 per cent of the total population) are still disregarding the idea of travel insurance and putting themselves at significant financial risk. This boycott of travel insurance is even more worrying because of the fact that illness and injury remain the most common reasons for pursuing a claim, with gastroenteritis, ear infection and injuries to the head and knee all in the top 10 reasons why people claim.

The alarming costs of medical cover while abroad highlight just how important it is to book appropriate over 70s travel insurance packages in good time before your trip. With Avanti offering cover for pre-existing medical conditions, talk to our experts for peace of mind on your holiday.

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