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25 Mar

Company launches Bond-style holidays

Company launches Bond-style holidays

Company launches Bond-style holidays

A new travel company is offering holidaymakers the chance to enjoy their time off Bond style – without all that tedious ‘foiling the plot of the evil villain’ nonsense that prevented the British super spy from having a good time.

The epic seven-destination journey across the world comes courtesy of the GoldenEye Estate and is guaranteed to leave you shaken, stirred and a lot of other things besides.

Incorporating stop-offs in London, Monaco, Venice, Istanbul, India, Thailand and Jamaica, the list of locations alone is pretty impressive.

But those embarking on the holiday can also expect to travel like 007, with a jet-set lifestyle that includes taking private planes, yachts, speedboats and of course, an iconic Aston Martin.

The fun commences in London at the Dorchester Hotel before taking a tour of the capital city that plays such an essential role in many of the films and novels. Then it’s time to be jetted off to Nice where a private helicopter is available for a jaw-dropping flight over Monaco.

Guests will then be taken to Le Casino de Monte Carlo and given VIP passes, and they’ll undoubtedly want to engage in a game of poker as Bond did during Casino Royale.

After playing the tables, it’s time for the Aston Martin ride to the Alpes Maritimes and onto Venice, where there’s the opportunity to take a yacht tour on a day of luxury.

Heading east, our Bond wannabes then check into the Four Seasons in Istanbul and tour the rooftops of the bazaar featured during a dramatic chase sequence in the opening of the most recent film Skyfall.

Similar experiences await in glamorous Thailand and Jamaica, including the opportunity to visit the iconic Crab Key, which conceals the stronghold of Doctor No in the very first film.

If you’re looking for a holiday with a view to a kill, this could definitely be the one. However, if there was one thing Bond needed on his missions, it was travel insurance, so don’t forget yours.