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26 Feb

More Brits Are Choosing Winter Holidays

Walking with umbrellas in the rain in the UKWhy We’re Jetting Off During the Colder Months

There’s no escaping the winter at home, so why not ditch the cold for a sunshine-filled holiday?

When you plan a holiday, chances are you’ll chose to go away during the summer. After all, there’s a great chance of good weather – something that’s not always a given in the UK! However, some people are choosing to buck the trend and travel during the winter months instead. Why? Well, there are a few reasons – from great deals to giving your health a boost. So we’re going to look at why right now is the perfect time to jet off on a holiday.

It’s Cheaper

There’s no denying that holidaying during the peak season can be very expensive. Both flights and accommodation can become booked up very quickly, and as a result, prices can soar through the roof. If you choose to travel during the winter though, you’ll find that there’s not as much demand, which will be reflected in the price you pay. So if there’s a hotel that’s always been a little bit out of your price range, or a destination that’s too busy during the summer months – have a look to see how things can change if you book during the winter. You’ll be surprised at just how much more achievable a luxury holiday is during the latter half of the year.

It’s a Mood-Booster

It’s been a pretty dreary few months of weather here in the UK. From record amounts of rain falling in December to biting cold temperatures during January, it’s the kind of weather that you’re going to jump at the chance to get away from. If you’re tempted to ditch dreary Blighty for sunnier climes right now, well, you’re definitely not alone. A large percentage of those who travel during the winter say that the bad weather back home led them to book a holiday. The miserable climate combined with the pressures of a new year (and dealing with the aftermath of the festive season!) are as good reasons as any to book a trip abroad.

It’s Good For Your Health

It’s not just a little post-Christmas slump that drives Brits to book a winter vacation though. If you suffer from health problems, the winter can be a real struggle. For those living with arthritis, the cold can mean agonising joint pain, and by travelling to somewhere warm during a chilly spell, they can feel much more comfortable and upbeat. Likewise, those suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), will find themselves feeling very low during the winter months. A trip to somewhere sunny can help them to cope with their depression, making their day to day lives much more bearable.

Don’t Forget to Get Covered!

When travelling with a medical condition, it’s important to get insured. We’re dedicated to finding our customers the right cover at the right price, and as a result, we consider all medical conditions. So what that means for you is that you can enjoy your winter break knowing that if you did need emergency medical treatment, you’re going to be protected against the cost of that. Terms and conditions apply.

Have a Great Trip!

Whatever your reason for wanting to jet off somewhere hot and sunny this winter, you’re going to be joining plenty of Brits thinking exactly the same thing. Whether you go for a weekend city break or a fortnight lazing on a beach, we’re sure that your trip will keep those winter blues firmly at bay. So where will you travel to this winter?