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26 May

Head To CenterParcs Europe For Cheaper Summer Holidays

Centre ParcsTravel To CenterParcs Europe To Save Money This Summer

CenterParcs centres in Europe are astonishingly more affordable for the average family of four than booking a summer holiday at CenterParcs UK.

CenterParcs is the perfect location for a family holiday. The multiple centres across the UK and Europe offer comfortable lodge style accommodation set amongst beautiful scenery. Families are able to enjoy a vast range of activities within the vicinity of the park and dine out at a number of relaxed eateries. Where better to take all generations of your family for a holiday than to a child-friendly facility which is specifically designed for your requirements?

CenterParcs Cost Comparisons

The problem is that the five CenterParcs centres in the UK have a reputation for being notoriously expensive during the school holidays. The costs come down radically during term-time, but if your children are older than preschool age then it can really sting to book a family holiday at CenterParcs UK.

However, on the continent it is a different matter entirely. CenterParcs Europe has twenty-one centres based across the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. UK families are starting to realise that it is considerably cheaper to book a family holiday at one of the European centres in comparison to a CenterParcs staycation in the UK.

For instance, if you were to book a 4 night break at CenterParcs in Elveden Forest, Suffolk, it would cost £1099 for a family of 4 in a 2 bed woodland lodge in August. The same break in CenterParcs Les Bois in France would cost an equivalent of £678 and in Germany it works out to be £558, which is almost half the cost of the UK break. Even with the cost of flights or ferries, it is still likely to be cheaper to visit the CenterParcs centres on the continent rather than staying at those closer to home.

Why Is It Cheaper To Holiday In Europe?

Although CenterParcs used to be just one company, they have now broken into CenterParcs UK and CenterParcs Europe. This means that they are able to set varying tariffs based on the extremely different market conditions that both geographical areas experience. It seems that Brits are less flexible with their holiday choices due to living on an island and end up paying more as a result. Those who live on mainland Europe have many more options available to them in terms of travel, so holiday prices are much more affordable.

Reasons To Venture To Europe For Your Summer Break

Aside from saving money, there are many other wonderful reasons to book a CenterParcs holiday at one of the European centres this summer. A common benefit to visiting Europe is the fact that their venues are much less crowded than those at home. There is also a very good chance of better weather on the mainland as opposed to staying in the UK where the August climate is quite often worse than in May.

Additionally the European centres can offer the best of both worlds as they’re not quite as remote as the UK venues. CenterParcs Zandvoort, for instance, is situated next to the sea – holidaymakers can venture in and out of the centre to enjoy the sand dunes and beach, or wander into the local towns for an evening out. It is even possible to take a thirty-minute train ride into Amsterdam and absorb all the culture that the city has to offer before returning to the family-friendly facilities of CenterParcs at the end of the day.

It’s not too late to book your CenterParcs summer holiday – you might even get an early bird discount if you book more than two months in advance at some centres. Don’t forget to purchase your European travel insurance before you go!