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18 Feb

Caribbean visitor spending increases in 2013

Caribbean visit spending increases in 2013, plus similar articles on the Avanti Travel Insurance website – travel insurance for the over 50’s.

Caribbean visitor spending increases in 2013

Caribbean visitor spending increases in 2013

Tourists in the Caribbean are continuing to increase their budgets, with visitor spend in 2013 up an estimated 2.3 per cent on 2012’s statistics, new figures from the Caribbean Tourism Organisation reveal.

What’s more, the intense beauty of the islands is proving to be a pull for a greater number of people, with the number of people enjoying stayover trips standing at an incredible 25 million, up from 24.6 million the previous year.

The authority on Caribbean tourism statistics revealed that tourists spent a jaw-dropping $28.1 billion in 2013, and pointed to an influx of visitors from South America as a possible reason for the rise.

According to Beverly Nicholson-Doty, chairman and commissioner of tourism for the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, this was sparked by major progress in the Caribbean’s vibrant travel industry.

“This progress is manifested in the rapid rise in the number of visitors from South America who are coming to the Caribbean in record numbers,” she stated, adding that the organisation expects visitor numbers to rise again in 2014.

Ms Nicholson-Doty also pointed to the increase in Caribbean residents travelling within the reason to enjoy the sights.

“You can tell there’s progress when a record number of Caribbean residents travelled within the region for touristic purposes, despite transportation challenges,” she stated.

The hotel industry fared particularly well in 2013, with a 7.5 per cent rise in room revenues but the good news was tempered slightly by a slowdown in overall growth rate – a 1.8 per cent rise in arrivals down from 4.9 per cent in 2012.

However, the industry will no doubt be pleased with an equally successful 2013, as they look to the future.