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20 Nov

Can you live without your phone on holiday?

Can you live without your phone on holiday?

Can you live without your phone on holiday?

A new survey has revealed that smartphones are the most essential holiday gadget among British holidaymakers.

When 2,000 pe

ople were asked about the devices they couldn’t leave at home when jetting off on a trip, 32 per cent identified their smartphone as a must-have accessory – placing it above e-readers, music players and tablets.

“It’s no surprise that the smartphone is the one item many people can’t travel without,” commented Nick Jones, social media at British Airways, which carried out the research.

“We know that our customers like to stay in touch with us while they’re travelling.”

Another big part of the modern mobile phone’s appeal is that it’s not just useful for making calls and sending texts. A third of people who take a smartphone abroad use a weather app to judge which day will be best to head to the beach, while 29 per cent use camera apps to capture holiday snaps.

Other popular apps include maps – used by 23 per cent – and social media software, which is used by one in five travellers to keep track of what their friends are up to.

Unsurprisingly, recent studies have shown that most people find it hard to switch off from everyday life while on holiday. A study by Virgin found that 45 per cent of professionals check their work emails while on holiday and 22 per cent even take calls from the office.

Travelling with gadgets can also cause headaches of a different kind, with almost a third of people (29 per cent) resorting to hiding them in shoes and under piles of clothing because they fear they’ll be stolen.

“There aren’t as many ‘iTravellers’ as there might be because people are worried that their precious slates will be targeted by sea and pool-side thieves,’ said Nathaniel Philippe, head of international business development at digital newsstand LeKiosk, which carried out the research.

“And even the Brits who do take their tablets on holiday with them are resorting to watching them like hawks.”

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