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24 Feb

Calls for staggered holidays renewed


Calls for staggered holidays renewed

Calls for staggered holidays renewed

Parliament needs to reconsider the idea of staggering school holidays throughout the year so that parents don’t suffer price hikes or consider taking their children out of school for a cheaper holiday.

This is according to the Travel Association (ABTA) which claims key stakeholders need to take action in order to alleviate the pressure of peak holiday demand.

Many in the holiday industry say that the enormous price increases witnessed annually around the summer holiday period are down to supply and demand.

However, ABTA argues the problem can be combated if schools and the government work to stagger the times when children are off school, reducing the numbers taking holiday around a concentrated period of time.

In a new poll conducted among members of the organisation, 85 per cent supported proposals to this effect, with respondents claiming it to be a logical and sensible approach to the issue.

Generally, price spikes occur around July and August, as well as during the week-long half terms that the children are at home for throughout the year.

The survey also indicated the impact of changes brought about last year that saw regulations put into place preventing individual schools to use discretion when granting term time absences.

As well as this, parents expressed concerns about the potential impact of any moves in reducing the length of school holidays overall.

Mark Tanzer, ABTA chief executive, said that the findings of the research indicate a real problem and that a constructive dialogue would be needed to find a workable solution.

“Our discussions with parliamentarians in recent weeks make clear that MPs understand the way pricing works, and appreciate that the travel industry is highly competitive,” he said.

“Our hope therefore is that Monday’s debate in parliament will focus on considering staggering school holiday dates as an option that merits further review and consideration.”

Mr Tanzer added that booking early remains the best option for those with children.