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5 Aug

Bupa finds holidaymakers at risk

Private healthcare provider Bupa has found an alarming number of Brits travelling without insurance

Private healthcare provider Bupa has found an alarming number of Brits travelling without insurance

International healthcare group Bupa has expressed their concerns over the number of holidaymakers travelling without insurance. Following the recent analysis of Bupa data, it was found that 8.5 million people per year could be facing thousands of pounds in medical costs by forgoing travel insurance.

The Bupa survey found that as many as one in four Britons who didn’t take out insurance thought that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) covered the cost of medical bills should something go wrong while they were abroad, whereas, in fact, this is far from the case. With so many low cost options now available when it comes to UK travel insurance policies, there is no excuse to risk your health or your wallet.

Confusion over the EHIC 

Alongside many thinking that they don’t need insurance because they have an EHIC card, many travellers believe that the NHS would cover the cost of your medical bill should you fall ill overseas, with as many as 44 per cent thinking that this is the case. In reality, the EHIC only means that medical costs will be the same for holidaymakers as they are for locals in European countries, and not that the cost is wavered.

The Bupa survey, as reported in this article, also uncovered the most expensive countries for medical treatment whilst on holiday, with Thailand, Canada and the USA all taking the top spots. With medical bills for tourists reaching their thousands, it may come as a shock to find that one of the main reasons holidaymakers are going without insurance is the cost; the survey suggested that as many as 11 per cent said that the reason they didn’t take out travel insurance was because it was too expensive.

It is precisely this reason why Avanti Travel Insurance ensures that they provide tailored insurance packages in a move to keep costs low. With world cruise travel insurance and insurance for the elderly all covered, there is no reason at all to leave your health and wallet open to the stress of overseas medical treatments.

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