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3 Jun

Brits say you can’t beat a cruise

When Brits travel, they prefer to do it on a cruise vessel

When Brits travel, they prefer to do it on a cruise vessel

When it comes to packing up your bags and heading away on holiday, you just can’t beat a good cruise. At least, that’s according to the Great British public, with a survey indicating the majority of people across the nation sing the praises of cruise companies in particular.

Indeed, against other types of holidays, cruises beat city breaks, sun and beach breaks and skiing holidays absolutely hands down, securing 52 per cent of the vote compared to 23 per cent from the closest competitor.

But it was the breakdown of why people preferred cruise holidays that proved most intriguing, with 72 per cent of people citing cleaner facilities and 64 per cent fewer delays. In fact, reliability proved to be a major factor, with 24 per cent indicating no cancellations.

Better entertainment (32 per cent) and friendlier, more engaging staff (56 per cent) rounded out the reasons why Brits preferred to take a cruise.

However, Steph Curtin, Cruise Development Manager at Bon Voyage, which conducted the survey, highlighted ease of booking as an additional reason why people might opt to sail the open seas.

“These results show that as well as growing in popularity, cruise holidays are now deemed as the most reliable type of holiday for the British public, where holidaymakers are most able to relax and enjoy themselves without any extra stresses or hassles,” she told AOL Travel.

Almost a third (31 per cent) of the survey pool made up of 1,438 adults indicated they have booked a cruise holiday for their next break away, or are considering doing so, in order to cut out unnecessary stress and planning for trips.

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