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16 Jul

Brits plan to drive on holiday

We’re well into July already and many Brits are looking forward to enjoying their summer holidays. But while some will be fussing over air tickets and others panicking about getting the ferry in time, more than a quarter won’t need to worry about things like that.

What is driving Brits to get behind the wheel?

What is driving Brits to get behind the wheel?

This is because 28 per cent of holidaymakers in the UK plan to reach their holiday destinations by driving this summer, saving themselves the bother of boarding gates, hidden fees and queuing at baggage reclaim.

Unsurprisingly, drivers were keen on keeping to Britain, with Cornwall in the south-west proving particularly popular. More than a tenth (11 per cent) of British holidaymakers using their cars said that this is where they’re headed when the weather turns warm.

The Lake District also got its fair share of the limelight – particularly with drivers from the north of England – as 16 per cent said they would be driving to the picturesque region.

When holidaymakers said they were planning to take their cars abroad, France was the most popular destination, nabbing ten per cent of the survey pool. Next up was Spain with eight per cent, while three per cent admitted to taking their cars all the way to Italy.

Older generations were found to be driving the trend, with more than a third (36 per cent) of driving holidaymakers found to be in the above 55 age bracket.

But what exactly is inspiring Brits to get behind the wheel? Reasons cited included the fact that it is cheaper to do so (21 per cent), that it’s easier travelling with children (13 per cent) or that people want to take their pets along for the ride (eight per cent).

However, just because you’re travelling in your own vehicle, don’t be fooled into thinking travel insurance is completely unnecessary – make sure you’re covered for everything while you’re on holiday.